Lover or not... Are you with them  

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4/27/2006 4:55 am

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Lover or not... Are you with them

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Are you with your lover? No i didn't ask if you were with somebody you loved i asked are you with your lover? To be able to answer this i guess you have to look at what a lover actually is and i'll try to share what i see as a lover to me. Do you love her or him for love alone willing to do for them selflessly in that love with no regard to yourself knowing your gift in giving is total fulfillment in its own right? Is there an animal attraction/chemistry that controls you and you have no control over it. Your body aches to please them in every way all the time.

Do you laugh without words knowing your both thinking the same things at the same time when together? Do you engage in mind altering *lol* conversations that you both sometimes feel you need a nap after a discussion . Does your cock get hard or your pussy wet by not only thinking about but knowing when your lover gets their hand on you that erotic sexual pleasure will ensue immediately. Does just the thought of them make you play with yourself.

Do you get lost in the moment losing track of time when you are together with a lover because nothing else in life really matters but them. Does just the thought of them make you play with yourself. Do you feel younger even childlike when your together? But most of all is your love as selfless to them as there love is to you?

True love is pure and innocent isn't it. And in honestly i'm married to somebody i love but she isn't my lover at least not in what my thoughts of what a lover to me should be. Do you believe what i do?

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