Insight, Knowlege and Truth to Self.  

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5/20/2006 4:55 am

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Insight, Knowlege and Truth to Self.

Some people have what i call a higher knowledge of self and in saying that i mean they have the innate ability to know the truth with very little knowledge of another person. These are our soulmates. Soulmates exist around us yet most are
for one not in touch with self and secondly blind to the truth or in denial in the fact that we can't love just one mate. This is not a one way connection its two people connecting in a way they don't always understand.

I've fell in love with more then one woman on a first passing. You say to me this is impossible right? Well it might be impossible to the denying soul but for a person that takes things for what they are this isn't uncommon at all. With all do respect i'll use my friend Lady Bambi as an example. When i first started blogging here she was the *only* one that offered kindness and advice and in fact motivated me in a few words to continue my blog. She didn't even know me but something about me and my blog appealed to her and she sees something in me that others might not.

I asked her one day on Team Bambi blog or i said to her this. *You see behind the painting don't you?* In asking her that which she didn't respond to i was saying there was something between us that you can't explain isn't there?Well i think she is not only hot but pretty damn special also but the core of why i said that is sometimes you just know. Mrs Bambi i ask you this with all do respect. Do you feel an attraction to me you can't explain only in truth admitting it exists?

I do with you dear. But my point in all this is that people have to reach not only a higher level of consciousness within there life but also a higher level of understanding to either accept or deny the truth in all things. So in saying that you can either face the truth presented or hide from it.

Ever ask yourself how another person can speak directly to your heart and soul yet you don't really know them?

I just described it clearly above as to why.

1.Are you honest enough to yourself to admit openly that more then one lover/soulmate in this lifetime exists for you?

2. Would you face the truth and accept that even with you were married to a soulmate/lover that another could exist?

3.And last but not least would you embrace them with the same love as the soulmate you live with. If not explain why.

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5/20/2006 5:59 am

I know you want an answer from her ... but I have to put a response in here

in our previous lives we had many influences... many loves, just as we do in this one... why cant it be possible to feel a connection so strong and powerful that you have to be near that one ...again?

This weighs heavily on me at times... I look for the soul mate I know is out there .. I feel certain that I have spent this life with one ....and possibly yes two more. such deep friendship and exchange of ideas... and overwhelming love....
All I can say is why would you turn away from love offered?

I have been blessed ...
May you find that love and let it grow either with her or another..


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