The party  

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8/20/2006 6:35 am
The party

Well, we've been in our little nowhere town for a couple of years now and have never gotten hooked in with the tiny expat community here. I can't really say why. Maybe:
1) We don't go out often, and
2) We live well away from what's called "downtown."

Well that all changed a couple of weeks ago. We met some of the group and were invited to a little drink-together. There were some extra expats in the area doing a camp, so the community was almost twenty people for that week.

We were all really rather drunk and the conversation was dying down, so I tried to introduce a game to liven things up. We went two rounds, and then someone wanted to play "I've never." I've seen this game on TV's lost, but it wasn't around when I was in uni, so I'd never really played it for any length before that night.

We went around a few times and things got spicier, when Abby blurted out "I've never slept with more than four people at one time." Silence. Everyone was staring with mouths agape. Abby didn't care, though, because he next questions was something like"I've never tastes the same sex's genitals," to which she raised her glass.

Got to love her ....

Pic is of a fake tatoo on her butt from the same time as the front one.

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