Strange Phone Calls, Part 2  

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8/30/2006 8:12 pm

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Strange Phone Calls, Part 2

Well, it had been quiet between me and this woman for a couple of months. She had gotten a training session for English in Canada and went there for the summer. She called Abby before she left and talked for quite some time.

While she was gone, I e-mailed he once or twice to ask her how Canada was and whether she had met anyone interesting there. I thought that she would probably go there and fall in love with another westerner, forgetting me entirely. It would have taken some of the pressure to be nice yet clean off of me.

I went to bed at about midnight a couple of days ago, That morning I had gotten up at 7:30 to get ready for my buddy to come over and lift (he didn't, but ...). I did my usual business and died.

The phone rang. I was sure it was Abby. What time was it? Jeez 1:00. I hoped nothing was wrong. My mind was as foggy as it always is when I get woken up like that. "Hey", I answered. "What's the matter?"

It was the woman. She started shooting questions at me. Her English sounded so much better than before. The questions were things like why I had used some words that I had used in e-mails to her, etc ....

I was really confused and foggy. She sounded angry. I mean, last week I sent her an e-mail asking if she wanted to meet for lunch or something, because I knew she should be back from Canada to start the new semester.

My mind started to clear up and she told me that she had woken up to read her e-mail that night and seen my message and it made her "angry and frustrated." It didn't seem like her at all. She was always like really in love with me or something and eye or voice fucking me, right? Abby got the same feeling right before she left for Canada.

The woman wanted to know where Abby was, so I told her. She said that she wanted Abby to call her so that the two of them could talk again after Abby got back, so I told her to wait, got paper and a pen, and asked for her number so that you could call, but she changed her mind and said that she would call. OK. She said that "miss you" was just a cultural difference and she understood. That was it and she hung up.

I started to realize that something was really wrong. When my brain finally kicked in about a minute after she hung up, I realized that her husband must've caught her the same way that he did before, and that she was putting on an act for him.

I sent her an e-mail which said "I'm sorry to give you the wrong idea. We are friends. I don't love you and you don't love me. When my wife gets back, our families can get together to have lunch or play cards, and I can meet your children." I thought that would make her husband happy. Then I went to sleep.

Deep sleep and again the phone rang. Two o'clock? Jeez!

"Please don't e-mail me again and I won't call you."
"I'm sorry, _name_."

That was it. Weird, eh? I went to sleep again with no problem, but woke up the next morning feeling less than rested.

So I guess she won't be calling Abby on Sunday as planned.

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