Our Great Adventure, Part 1: The Plan  

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11/1/2005 7:44 pm

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Our Great Adventure, Part 1: The Plan

This is the first episode in our description of the Halloween weekend. We decided to split the story into parts because it would be too long to read at one sitting, anyway.

The Background
Abby had planned a 10-day trip to Thailand to visit her mother and we thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some AdultFriendFinder members. We had set up five meetings as following:

* Sat afternoon: An older European couple for lunch and drinks, but no concrete discussion of any activities prior.

* Sat evening: A couple about our age where the woman had a long-time fantasy to be with another woman. Abby was going to try a woman for the first time. The men were to be uninvolved with the alternate spouses.

* Sunday early afternoon: A couple slightly younger than us for lunch and maybe a drink. We had no hard plans for anything with them.

* Sunday late afternoon: A couple older than Abby, but near my age, who had contacted in our first week here. They were quite humourous in our online discussions. We had no concrete plans with them, either.

* Sunday evening: Abby wanted to try a man again, so we set up something with an apparently well-adjusted male who knew how to control himself online, and could hold a conversation, as well. He appeared to have some experience in this, which was something we were looking for.

We didn't let the members know about each other, because we didn't want to put anybody off. From reading blogs, we had expected at least half of the meetings to fall through, and felt a busy schedule would assure that we didn't just waste our weekend in Seoul.

The Trip
Abby flew to Thailand for her ten day trip, and we were online together nearly every day after work. Toward the end, we spent 3-4 hours chatting, trying to solidify the plans that we had been making for weeks.

On Friday, we sent several emails back and forth-- mushy stuff pining over how we'd be together again soon. She was to board her plane in the evening, have a very long layover in Vietnam, and then connect to Incheon airport, where I would be waiting to meet here.

I was supposed to get off of work at 9pm, catch the redeye train to Seoul, and take a bus to Incheon Airport from there. I always take the train when she goes abroad, because I get some sleep and don't have to wake up at 4am to catch the bus from our small town on the east coast in order to meet her.

For some reason, though, no one would let me sleep that night. People were constantly turning the seats around to face me, then back again, people wanted to chat with a foreigner, or they were just drunk, loud, and annoying. I began to list in my head the things that I dislike about Korea while repeatedly trying to fall asleep.

As bad as the ride was, though, I had no idea what a train wreck my trip to the airport would turn into. I'll write about that tomorrow.

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