Confessions from Will  

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10/15/2005 8:49 pm

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Confessions from Will

I just love my wife to death. She meets every one of my needs, both psychologically and physically. She still makes me hard just looking at her, even though we've been together for years.

I love watching her come. As I've gotten older, it's become easier for me to resist the urge to come, and I can go literally as long as I like now without any real trouble or management. In fact, I pretty much have to concentrate to finish off these days. This lets me bring Abby to the brink a few times, slow down, and still have her come two to four times before I finish. The look on her face as she approaches climax used to drive me to ejaculate almost immediately, so I would often come only seconds after she did, while the orgasm was still washing over her.

I love coming all over her. I don't do it every time, but I love to watch my come splash across her stomach, breasts, buttocks, or face. I also love coming inside her, whether it be vagina or mouth. I guess I just love coming when I'm with her.

When she is giving me a blow- or hand-job, I often ask her to put her finger on my asshole. Direct prostate stimulation is generally too intense for me, but pressing that finger hard against the anus is just the ticket.

I love snuggling under the blankets in the cool morning, making breakfast for her, and watching romantic comedies, where I always cry like a baby.

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