Breaking in the weight bench  

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10/16/2005 3:50 am

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Breaking in the weight bench

Well, Four months ago, Abby and I were going to the gym four to five times a week, and I was lifting fairly heavy at the time. We decided to save on some gym fees (120,000 Won or about $120 per month) and bought a stationary cycle and full weight bench. Abby has used them pretty regularly, but I have kind of slacked off since July. I need to start again, but that's not the point of this blog entry...

I've been eyeing it and thinking that we need to use it for something other than its originally intended purpose, and we did that tonight. We had planned to practice anal again after last week's success, but Abby was sick yeasterday and still a little sore today, so I didn't even ask about it.

I walked over to her like I some times do and asked her to suck on me for a few seconds. She likes it and so do I. After a few seconds she stopped and I was going to tuck it away when she asked "Don't you like it?"

"Sure, and if you do that for thirty more seconds, you'll see how much..."

She took that as a challenge and pulled it right back out to suck some more. She is the best at it, and has been working on her form for about four years.

I had her stand up out of the chair so that I could kiss her mouth and neck, playing with her ass the way she likes. When I moved my hand around front, inside her sweatpants, she started purring almost immediately, looked up at me, and said "Where?"

I took the chance to break in that underused weight bench, and we both stripped. she stuck her head next to the bar and her ass up at me, saying something I didn't understand. When I bent down to lick her clit from the back, she repeated herself -- "Just fuck me hard."

I was happy to to as she ordered, slipping it in a little slowly because we were moving too fast to have a lot of natural lube yet. She was moaning as I slid myself in and out slowly, but forcefully. I was a little afraid of going too fast or hard and knocking her off the bench.

After a few minutes of this, I pulled out and and asked her to sit down, leaning against the bar for support. When I asked, she said that the bar didn't hurt her back. I sat in front of her with her legs over mine, inserted and pumped back and forth. She started the vibrator to put against her clit and the eyes glazed over.

As she was getting close and yelling "Fuck me hard!" I pulled her up onto my lap and penetrated deeper. She wasn't using the vibrator any more, because her hand were around my neck while mine were at the small of her back.

She screamed as she came.

Once she finished, we held each other for a minute. Then, she asked how I wanted to come. I lay down on the bench and told her that it was up to her. She decided to give me head again.

She did what she does so well: A couple of deep throat strokes, some shorter strokes with the mouth and hand, lick along the shaft while using her hand, bury her face in my balss, and repeat. Brilliant to watch!

As I came close to climax, I lost control and screamed "My God!!!" emptying everything into her mouth and down her throat.

Nobody does it like her. She's the best!

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