Surprise visit  

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5/5/2006 7:31 pm
Surprise visit

The phone rang and I answered. "I'm on my way over." she said. "I don't want to go to breakfast, I don't want to waste the time. Do you have anything we can eat there?" She asked. She didn't care what I was doing, or if I plans. She had her own plan.
Of course, I knew what she wanted. "Yeah, I think I can come up with something." I answered. "I'm not a breakfast cook, but I think I've got some stuff here. It won't be as nice as a restaurant, but I won't starve you either." I said as I made a quick mental inventory of what would pass for breakfast.
"Anything is fine. Just put on a pot of your coffee." She quickly said. "I really like your coffee. Then again, I like a lot of things you do."
She purred. She was happy that everything was going the way she imagined it would.
We ate the breakfast sandwiches and a couple of other
items I scoured from the freezer.
"Can I get you anything else?" I asked.
"No. The sandwich was good and the coffee was great! She said as she pushed the plate slightly away.
I picked up the plates and mugs and took them to the kitchen to put into the dishwasher. Before I could even finish doing that, I heard her call.
"Get in here, what are you doing?" She called from the bedroom.
As I walked into the bedroom I saw that she had already disrobed and was under the covers.
"Gee, you're not wasting any time, are you?"
I said in my bedroom voice.
"No, I'm not! She said her little girl voice.
Then she quickly added a stream of commands. "If you have the air on, you need to turn it off. It's cold in here. Put the shutter down, turn off that light and put the lava lamp on! Oh, and get your ass in bed!"
I complied in a quick, but unhurried fashion.
Now I was naked too, my body lengthwise over hers, barely touching and I gently kissed her.
"Fuck me, fuck me with your big cock." She said breathlessly.
Instead I kissed her quickly and gently again. I moved my lips to her breasts and gently caressed them, lightly brushing them. She raised her head slightly, watching me intently, but silently. I continued moving downward, teasing her torso ever so lightly with my tongue. She continued watching me, now her lips were parted as she started to breath more quickly in anticipation.
She dropped her head all the way into the pillow with my first stroke from the base of her vagina all the way to her clit. Small, slow, light circular strokes around her clit brought her legs up more, made her start breathing more heavily. I could feel her abdominal muscles start to tighten as I gently stretched her with one hand.
Now she was starting to moan and slightly move her hips in time with me, almost trying to thrust her clit into my mouth. Now I increased the pressure of my tongue slightly as I continued. The moaning got louder, interrupted by increasingly more frequent "Oh, God"'s and her legs began to tremble. By now, she was right on the edge and I coud feel her hovering there. Enjoying the moment and how good it felt. But I knew she wanted to come. Now I stuck with semi-firm pressure on her clit as I swirled my tongue, increasing my speed ever so slightly.
I could feel her explode, gasp, suck in more air and gasp again. She started to try to move away, her clit now fully sensitized. But I stayed with her still licking her swollen clit. The orgasm continued, the initial gasps now replaced with quick, short animalistic grunts, each one seemingly borne on the waves of pleasure now flowing through her.
Now she couldn't take anymore, she had to break my contact. She halfway sat up, putting her hands on my head to push me away while at the same time, drawing up her legs and pushing, trying to increase the distance between her swollen, sensitive clit and my eager tongue.
"Stop!" She whined. Catching her breath, she gave me a sly smile.
"God, was that good! I didn't think it was going to end! Oh! You and that tongue are something else!" She blurted out, the smile widening. "Let me catch my breath. I just want to lay her for a bit and enjoy this."
I got up and headed for the bathroom to clean up.
"You know I'll be back, don't you?" I gently teased her. "You're not getting off that easily."
"Just wipe your face and whatever." She said as she waved one arm at me weakly. "And when you're done, bring that fat cock of yours in here."

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