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7/7/2006 6:30 pm

I started with her neck and shoulders. Gently, and lightly kneading the muscles along the shoulders, slowly working my way to her neck. One hand, to massage the neck, working upward from the base to the head. Then using two hands to gently work the area behind the ears, paying close attention to the trigger points where the ligaments fasten to the skull. Slowly working them, finally moving my hands into her luxurious hair and working the rest of her scalp. All to the gentle sights of relief and pleasure.

Now I break out the Cetaphil lotion, which absorbs easily into the skin and is recommended for sensitive skin. I returned to her neck, gently massaging with the light touch she liked. Working downward, back to the shoulders, and then the arms.
Gently, never too much pressure, relaxing strokes, until the lotion was completely absorbed. I did the same with her back. Light pressure down the spine, massaging outward, always tenderly, gently. No knotted muscles, a very lucky young lady. I finished her back by lightly running my fingertips all around, swirling motions, barely touching her skin. Like her mother did when she was a child, she found it comforting and relaxing, she felt safe.

I now moved down to her feet. Mint Bliss by Avon was now my choice, tingling, yet soothing and relaxing. I massaged the right foot first, starting with the ball of the foot and the toes.
Pressing my thumbs into the ball and instep, kneading with more pressure than before, for these muscles were more tense. Working them until the lotion was absorbed, moving to the heels, working the trigger point to relieve the stress built up in the heel and ankle. The sighs now replaced by gentle grunts and sounds of satisfaction. Now I worked her calf, with a firm pressure. Up the middle of the calf muscle, working both sides with both hands, all the time applying the Mint Bliss.
These muscles were more tense, but slowly relaxed,
under my attention. I repeated it all for the left leg, drawing even more grunts and sights.

The thighs were next, but they needed the Cetaphil. Slow, lighter strokes sufficed, releasing the little bit of tension they had stored. Gentle, relaxing fingertip strokes until it was time to travel to the glutes. Slightly more pressure here, for these muscles often work harder than most realize. Yet they yield under gentle pressure, relaxing, feeling relief.

More fingertip caresses on the back bring sighs, and finally, blessed sleep. The deep, restful sleep of the worry free, of the safe and secure. At least for awhile, for tomorrow brings another day, but those are tomorrow's cares, not the cares of the here and now.

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