Football and World Peace  

rm_Kingcat4U2 64M
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8/13/2006 5:33 pm

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8/23/2006 3:13 pm

Football and World Peace

Football has finally returned, in the form of NFL preseason games. Yes, I must confess, I like my football. I watched the second half of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Jets game.
Why only the second half? Because that's when they trot out the rookies and we can all start getting an idea of what they're all about. The future stars, the role players, and, the occasional unheralded gem of a player. Yes, I like that stuff, indeed I do.

What I don't like, is radical islamicists
threatening to blow up airplanes and killing thousands of innocent men, women and children.
No need to get into the why's, the what's and the history of these head cases or the Middle East in general. So I have a proposal to make.

In order to protect innocent women and children in the West, to protect our way of life,
to enjoy a football season uninterrupted by these nut jobs, I propose the following: That the US nuke Tehran and half of Iran.

This action eliminates a radical state bent on acquiring nuclear weapons, eliminates funding for Hezbollah, sends a message to the rest of radical islam, and to the Chinese and Russians who like to supply these rogue states with weapons. I think it might even make our task in Iraq a lot easier. Oh, and I won't have to miss any meaningful games because some nut cases want to turn back the clock a thousand years, to a time when they thought they were in charge.

Oh, I know it sounds pretty radical. But I look at it this way. I'm absorbing a little bit of their culture. I'm starting to value their lives as much as they value mine.

Hope you have a great football season!

twirly_girl 47F

8/13/2006 8:48 pm

Ahh, if only it were that simple.
Of course the French would nuke us back.

I never got into football. Probably because
nobody ever taught the game to me. But I
do like to look at the tight pants now and then.


rm_Kingcat4U2 64M
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8/14/2006 2:28 am

Simple minds have simple solutions,
and I definitely fit into that
category. I'm not worried about
a French attack. Their missiles
would probably explode into a wonderful
assortment of truffles, bon-bons, beignets,
and chardonays.

It's probably a good thing that
you're not into football. It
would only give you a glimpse
into the male mind that would
would leave you rolling on the
floor in spasms of laughter at
how shallow men really are.
Damn, you probably already
figured that out!

kyplowboy22 61M

8/23/2006 5:45 am

I kinda figure if the French are all I have to worry about, for an advisary, then I'm in pretty good shape.


rm_Kingcat4U2 64M
2799 posts
8/23/2006 3:13 pm

    Quoting kyplowboy22:
    I kinda figure if the French are all I have to worry about, for an advisary, then I'm in pretty good shape.

Good point. They seem to be pretty
good at obstruction, complaining,
and proposing do nothing solutions.
Oh, yeah, I forgot ingratitude.

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