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7/5/2006 7:11 pm

The path to frustration begins with but a single idea. My idea was that I needed a new computer. Nothing wrong with that. I've been a low tech guy for some time now with a computer that has seen service well past the retirement age. I wanted to take some online courses, do a few other things, things that this tired old workhorse just couldn't handle. The ordering of the computer itself was no problem. I knew the brand I wanted, features I wanted, and had it customized to my specifications.
Got it at a price I thought was reasonable, considering all the bells and whistles I added. No problem. So far, I love the machine.

But a screaming machine needs the support to bring out it's full potential. I want broadband service! So I thought to myself, hell, I'll just give old reliable Verizon a call because they offer
DSL service at a reasonalble price. Get the basic phone service, switch to Vonnage, hell might as well get Direct TV too, because I'm really in the mood to upgrade. Well, the fly in the ointment is that DSL from Verizon is not available at my address. Not a problem. Switch to satellite broadband. Oops! $600 installation fee, in addition to the $60 per month fee. I'm not cheap, but I'm also not paying a $600 installation fee.

OK, time to call my service provider, Knology.
$60 a month for broadband, I can live with that. Except, it's not compatible with Vonnage. So much for that idea. Slightly frustrating? Yes. And I still have the fun of scheduling all the service personnel to intall all this stuff when I'll actually be home. That'll be the fun part.

Adapt and overcome. That's what I'm doing.
But nobody said I couldn't whine about it while I'm doing it.

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