Great way to start the week.  

rm_KingFarley68 31M
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3/14/2006 3:23 pm
Great way to start the week.

My my, what a day. I enjoy working where I work. Excellent money, and wonderful exposure to all the beautiful people out there. But last THAT was a great way to start off my week at work.

I was at work late, and my friend Samantha came in. Very cute, amazingly hot body, but she's taken. Well, "taken" to me, TAKEN to everyone else. Let's just say, I had to stay late and clean up the backroom, some things had magically fallen off of the desk. The store I work in closes at 8, we were there until 11, just having sex like animals. It was outstanding. Want details? I bet you do....

- King

rm_damiar87 29M

12/20/2006 12:08 am

sounds like good fun.(dbz) i'm a 19 yr/o male home for the holidays looking to hookup and have some good fun.(_) i know it's hard to get in touch with each other b/c we're both standard members.(freak87) I've hidden my email in segments after each period in this message.(@) I'm 6'0 200 lb, brown hair, brown eyes and I can get you a pic if you're intersted.(hotmail) email me soon.(.com) I'm only in town until the 29th.

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