Been a few days  

rm_KingEdain 45M
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8/17/2006 9:27 am
Been a few days

Sorry i haven't posted on here in a while readers. Been busy and had meetings at work then kids started school. Going back to school is great cause now i have the house to myself and don't have to keep hitting the hide button so kids don't see the site i'm on..... OK here we go......

Now, for purposes of description, you'll have to picture my car; an old, poorly maintained, dangerous collection of faulty parts from that wonderful time before safety became such a big goddamn deal in this country. My car is like any other small car- real hard to get into. That's important, because after all, you gotta get into the car first. Otherwise, the way I look at it, you ain't goin' nowhere. And lets not forget, with any kind of car, just opening the drivers door and getting in involves a certain amount of risk. Have you noticed that? The terrific way they designed cars so the driver's door opens right out into the middle of goddamn traffic? Jesus! About the only intelligent thing the British ever did was putting that driver's seat right over near the curb where it belongs. Of course then they went and moved the curb to the wrong side of the street.

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