The last.............  

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1/9/2006 10:24 am

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The last.............

I couldn't have imagined in my wildest fantasies
how incredible this would feel, a thousand sensations
rippling through my body, and as I twist and writhe
against your touch, even the feel of the pressure of your
thighs against mine sending waves of almost electric
pleasure shooting through my, my moans building in
volume, then suddenly I find your mouth over mine, your
tongue probing in the same rhythm as your fingers, and
now my cries, building and deepening, are muffled,
and the sound of the rain drumming on the roof fills
their place. You can feel my movements building, quicken-
ing, and then my entire body stiffens as jolts of pleasure,
more intense than I could have believed possible, shoot
through my body, and you break away from the kiss,
leaning over to suck my nipple while your fingers
continue, working me for every burst of unreal sensation.
"Oh god..." I gasp. "Oh, yes, YES!!! YESSS!!"
I cry, just as I had so many times to myself silently
in my fantasies, except this is more incredible than
any fantasy. You don't stop, you keep holding me there,
until you can feel my body grow weak, while the muscles
inside me involuntarily spasming around your finger,
each sending a momentary shudder through my exhausted
Finally, there is no more, and I slowly lean
down against you, deliciously sweaty and exhausted, while
you softly kiss my forehead. We lean back on the bunk,
your arms around me, neither saying anything, just
listening to one another's breathing and the rain
falling outside, while you let me catch my breath.
"Incredible..." I whisper. "Thank you."
"I'm glad you enjoyed."
I laugh.
"Enjoy is an understatement. Now..." I
smile mischievously, "'s your turn."
You grin. No, you aren't going to argue too
loud, are you? I sit up, motioning for you to remain
as you are, reclined, and I kneel beside you. I'm
no longer feeling the least bit cold, in fact, the
heat of our bodies has heated up the inside of the
cabin quite nicely, and having my dress twisted
around my waist is a bit of a bother now. So I un-
button it the rest of the way, slowly, a smile
playing across my lips, and let it drop to the
floor. Then my panties, still slid down around my
knees, I slip them off the rest of the way.
I move over you, first kissing your
forehead, and your hands reach up for my breasts,
swaying enticingly in front of you, but I stop you.
I don't want any distractions.
I move lower, kissing you on the mouth,
playing my tongue against yours, biting lightly on
your lips. Then down along your neck, then down to
your small nipples, feeling your body tense, your
breath deepen, and your hands come up, caressing
my hair as I flick my tongue over the sensitive
area, then lightly suck there. You moan softly and
I smile, sitting up, relishing in the look of
pleasure in your eyes.
My fingers trace upon your nipples, then
down, through the soft warmth of the hair
on your chest, down over your stomach, down to
the waistline of your jeans. Poor thing, still
stiff and hard, confined to those wet jeans all
this time. I slowly unbuckle the belt, enjoying
the incredible look of anticipation on your face.
Then the buttons, slowly, one by one, bit by bit
revealing the fact that you wore nothing under
those jeans, and revealing just how hard you are,
just how confined you were. As the jeans open,
you sigh, tightening your muscles, and your
penis stands straight out. I smile, sliding your
jeans down further, removing them, enjoying the
view before me. My hands travel back up your
legs, lightly cupping your balls, rolling them
in my hands, delighted the way you are responding
to this. My one hand travels up the shaft, to
the head, brushing over the drops of slippery
clear fluid that are running down. Then I move down
again, so that my thumb and forefinger form a
snug ring, tight and slightly wet, and while
I massage your testicles with one hand, my other hand
is working slowly up and down, matching the rhythm
of the motion of your hips.
You moan softly, your hand again reaching
for my breast, which again I brush away, this
time moving out of reach, moving down, bringing
my head down until my hair hangs down over your
thighs, and I very gently flick my tongue over the
tip of your cock, feeling you shudder. I glance up
at you, smiling, then take the entire head in my
mouth, while still gently working the shaft. My
tongue circles around your head, searching out the
most sensitive spots, working them, my one hand
squeezing your balls, while I build a steady swirling
suction. The way you are moaning, your head tilted
back, hips thrust towards me, I'm enjoying so much,
knowing that I am returning the pleasure you had
earlier given me. I can feel as you are building
towards release, and you freeze up, choking out
a raspy "Stop... please... I don't want to come
just yet..."
I back off, looking at you expectantly,
but for a moment you don't move, your entire
focus right now on holding back. You are taking
deep, steady breaths, a strange glint in your eyes.
Slowly you sit up, kiss me, and ease me down into the
spot you have warmed on the bunk, and you kneel beside
me, quite a sight, naked and hard.
"Relax..." you tell me, kissing me, first on
the forehead, then the lips, lingering, then down my
throat, to my breasts, your hand once again slipping
down between my legs, which I gladly spread for you.
Your fingers trace over my clit, already quite hard
from the previous round of stimulation, and I gasp.
You smile up at me, then move down further, parting
my legs, placing one over your shoulder. You move in
further, and I laugh as your hair tickles the insides
of my thighs, then shudder and cry out as I feel your
tongue move between my lips, flicking lightly over
my clit. Then lightly you suck there, then lick again,
repeating this exquisite pattern, while your fingers
gently brush across my outer lips. Then gently I feel
your finger enter me, and I begin to rock against you,
moving against the pressure of your tongue, my head
spinning at the sensation of having your head between
my thighs. Your other hand travels up over my belly,
and I feel as if I'm losing all control, and it feels
so unimaginably wonderful, so unreal, and I can hear
myself moaning and screaming but it doesn't even sound
like me, and suddenly YOU STOP!!!!
I lay there, still moving against a sensation
that had disappeared, and you see the astonished look
on my face but before I can even say a word, you move
over me, kissing me deeply and I can taste the taste
of my own juices in your mouth as your tong penetrates
me, and I feel you moving over me and I raise my hips
in anticipation, feeling your cock press against my
entrance. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, you ease into
me, your hands encircling my waist, lifting and pulling
me towards you. I lift my legs, locking them around your
back, pulling against you as you drive all the way into
me. Your thickness feels so wonderful, to at last have
you deep inside me, and I tighten my muscles, wanting
to hold you there. I can feel the passion building in
you, the pressure, though we can both see, neither of
us wants to rush this moment it has taken so long to
reach. We gaze at each other, silent, motionless, linger-
ing on this point in time we will both always remember,
and you kiss me again, this time softly, tenderly, and
a part of me wants to cry but instead I just wrap my
arms around you, bury my face in your hair, taking in
the feel and the smell of you, feeling your heart
beating, racing in your chest. Then slowly I begin to
move the muscles inside me, and I feel you straining,
and slowly you begin to thrust, our bodies locked
together, feeling you pressed inside me. I'm still so
aroused from where you left me earlier, it doesn't
take much to reach that point, to pass it, and I
writhe against you, feeling every inch of your body,
feeling your breathing, your pulse, feeling the feel
of the sweat lubricating even the external contact,
and I can feel you being consumed by this heat, building,
so long held back, and my muscles begin to spasm as
an orgasm washes over me, agonizingly intense, and I
don't think I can hold you against me any tighter but
I try. You feel my body tighten around you, the
pressure building to an explosive level, and your
thrusts become deeper, stronger, relentless, sustaining
the waves of ecstasy I'm drowning in. Our cries build
in rhythm with your thrusts, as I raise my hips up
against you, and with a final thrust, I can feel the
heat as you come inside me. For another moment we just
hold there, neither daring move, then gradually we
both began to relax, still laying together, holding
each other close, listening to the rain and each other's
breathing, until we fell asleep in each other's arms.

piamatter 44F

1/10/2006 11:38 am

You wish you could find somelike me in Iowa? I wish I could find someone like you around here. LOL. Sexy, intelligent writting.

btw - lovely pic as well.

angelwoarose 41F

1/19/2006 7:39 am

Wonderful story.

TabithaElectra79 38F

1/20/2006 4:52 am

Great writing!

I love listening to the rain as i fall asleep....

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