A nice beginning...........  

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A nice beginning...........

Since I don't seem to get much response from my posts about my woodworking, I'll try a different tack. I also enjoy reading/writing erotica, so here's the beginning of one of my early writings. If I get a response, I'll add more later.

"It's finally going to happen" I thought, as I nervously made my way up the concourse to Gate C-7. Jean had met Dean by chance online almost a year ago now, and they both had finally built up enough nerve to meet face to face..... A big step beyond their frequent chats online and occasional phone conversations.
Through their conversations and communications, Jean knew what Dean looked like, knew nearly everything about him.... But meeting in person was so much more threatening to her. I could still back out, as I had never sent any pictures of myself to Dean, and he really didn't know what I looked like, other than my brief descriptions of myself that I had sent during our numerous chats.
"I guess if I don't like the way he looks, I can always just walk away", I thought to myself as I reached Gate C-7.
Jean looked up at the monitor, and saw that the flight from Omaha was 10 minutes late, so she would have time to sit and collect her thoughts..... Try to figure out what to say..... Will he be as nice as he seemed online and on the phone???

We had shared so much together over their computers, that I really felt like I knew him, but there was still that element of risk. It had taken a lot of time for me to overcome my fears. Dean made me feel so feminine, so sensual, so desirable, I just had to meet him.
Plans had started to develop just last week. Dean could get away for a few days, and rather than drive the long distance that separated them, he had arranged for a flight to her town where they would meet for the first time. Rates were better out of Omaha, so he was catching an early flight out, and would be there by 10 AM.
Through a friend, Dean had arranged to use a friends cabin cruiser moored on the lake..... Better than a motel, although that could have been nice, also!! "No shower on the boat", I thought..... So many of their fantasies centered around erotic showers, Jean was a little disappointed that they would not be able to live out that fantasy.
I had called just yesterday to confirm everything. Everything was set! I would pick up Dean at the airport, then out to the lake.

My thoughts were interrupted by the overhead announcement that the plane was now arriving..... Shocking me back into reality.... It was really going to happen!
The door to the ramp opened, and people started coming out into the waiting area at the gate..... I nervously waited as each passenger emerged.
Then I saw him. "Well", I thought... "He is taller, and more handsome than his pictures! Slim, proportioned well, just as she had imagined. He was slowly walking toward the hallway of the concourse, looking anxiously around for someone that fit the description I had given him.

"Well, here goes" I Jean, as I stood up and walked up to Dean.
"Jean?" he said. "Yes, it's me" I replied..... "You are more beautiful than I ever imagined", Dean said with a big smile on his face. He put down the small bag in his hand, stepped to her and gently put his arms around her. "I'm so happy to see you, Lover" he whispered in her ear. They just stood there, embracing, nervous, not knowing what to say.
The embrace was wonderful. So many times Jean had wondered what it would be like to be in his arms.... To feel him against her body... To hold him.
"Let's get out of here" Dean said. "I want our day to begin!". "Great, Jean replied.. a smile on her face.
Jean had parked in short term parking right across from the terminal, so they were in her car in minutes, heading out to the lake where the boat was.
"There's so much I want to know about you" Dean said as they drove on. "My fingers can't type questions fast enough when we are chatting online... I want to know everything about you".
"Me too", Jean replied. "Can I ask you something?", she said nervously as she stared at the road ahead.....
"Sure, anything, Lover. You know that!" Dean softly replied.
"Are you disappointed?", she asked...
"With what", Dean looked puzzled.
"With the way I look", she said....
"No, Lover. Absolutely not. You are as lovely as my mind could imagine."
I smiled. I had been working out for nearly a year now, and I wanted the results of my efforts to show. "Thank you", I said, "You are so sweet. But I tell you that all the time, don't I?"

The commute to the lake was a short one, about an hour, and all the time in the car they just laughed, talked, exchanged glances...... Both were still really nervous, but starting to feel more comfortable.
Jean pulled the car into the marina. "Well, let's get our day started", Dean said. He got the bags from the trunk, and down to the dock they strolled.
The boat was beautiful! A 30 foot cruiser with a luxurious cabin below. "It's perfect", I thought.
Bags stowed, they pulled away from the dock and into the open waters beyond the marina. "Let's find a quite place where we can be together", Dean said as he thrust the throttle ahead.
Jean's short brown hair blew back in the breeze as they sped across the water. "This is beautiful", she said to Dean over the roar of the engine.
Several miles up the lake, Dean throttled back the boat as they neared what appeared to be an inlet. He slowly eased the boat into the cove, and it was perfect! Sandy beaches, deep water. Perfect spot! Nothing could spoil this.
Dean cut the engine, hopped down off the captains seat, strode to the front of the boat and hopped off into knee deep water with the line from the bow of the boat. After securing the line, he waded back to the boat, where Jean was waiting...
"Let's go for a walk, Sweetheart" he said as he offered his hands to her. "Love to!" she replied, and he gently lifted her down into the water. She brushed against him as she descended, and the touch sent shivers down her body. She could feel her nipples harden a little...
Dean looked down at her, and again embraced her in his arms. "This is what I meant when I would close our conversations with 'Long hug to you'", he said.
It felt wonderful to be in his arms. Better than I had imagined. Most of the butterflies were gone now, and I had a hard time keeping the smile off my face.

For 2 hours we just walked in the sand along the beach, holding hands like teenagers, laughing, sharing everything. So engrossed in each other, that we didn't even notice the clouds that had begun to build up over the lake.

It started as a slow drizzle, the sort that just made my hair
friz up, but not much more of a bother than that. So we kept walking,
hand in hand, out along the desolate beach, both silently enjoying
the solitude while the wind blew the dune grass down flat, making
brushed patterns on the drifting sand. By the time the sky opened up,
we were already a good distance from the boat. The wind gusted,
blasting us with sheets of blinding, chilling rain as we raced back
for shelter, heads down and laughing. By time we reached the boat it
was a lost cause, we were both soaked to the skin and shivering and
gasping for breath. You opened the door and we both jumped in, landing
in a pile on the dinette, me on top of you. I pulled the wooden
door shut, and for a moment we both just sat there, dripping and
laughing and listening to the rain pounding on the large wood roof
while we caught our breath. I could feel myself starting to sniffle,
and I huddled up against you for warmth, and, well, because it was a
good excuse. But my dress was soaked, I was soaked, you were too,
and there was little warmth to be found that way. your breath felt
warm on my skin, and the next thing I know I brushed my lips up against
yours hesitantly. You looked a bit startled for a moment, and my pulse
raced, but your lips had been so warm, and I kissed them again, this time finally getting the nerve to linger a moment longer, to part my lips, to let our tongues brush. And it felt wonderful, so warm and gentle and
sensuous, so delightful at last, I'd wanted for so long to do
that, to hold you, arms wrapped around your shoulders, to feel
your lips and tongue against mine. It feels so deliciously warm,
a contrast to the chill on my skin, and despite myself I'm
shivering, in part from the damp coldness of the fabric of my
dress, in part in excitement.
"Cold?" you ask, backing up a bit.
"Freezing," I admit.
"There's some dry clothes in the back," you tell me,
grinning a bit. "A flannel shirt and a pair of my jeans, you
should be able to get into them without a problem..." you
laugh suggestively.

To be continued???

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