Women Have More Luck Than Men  

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10/27/2005 6:03 am

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Women Have More Luck Than Men

It seems to be the perception (and it may actually be true) that men have extramarital affairs more than women. In fact, I'd bet it is true. What I've come to wonder, though, is, how is that possible, especially when (as I've found) women have it so much easier than men at finding someone to join them for a little something on the side.

If my wife were to meet a guy and begin to flirt, and then decide to take the next step and actually get him into bed, all she has to do is to say, "You know, my husband and I have an agreement." Nine times out of ten, the guy is either going to believe her or not care if she's lying. He sees it as an opportunity to get laid. On the other hand, if I were to have the same conversation with a woman, her response would be a sarcastic, "Sure you do." Too many men have lied to too many women over the years that now girls are brought up being taught to wash their hands before they eat dinner, make sure they wear clean underwear, and, most importantly, don't believe anything a boy tells them.

And it's not just the past lies that haunt us. There's the old joke about how, when a man and woman go out on a date, the man hopes he's going to get sex but the woman knows if she is. The women out there may disagree but women have it a lot easier when it comes to getting sex than men do. Men are simply more willing to say yes.

Despite the common misconception, it's not that we're always horny. It's just that we never know when we're going to get the opportunity again. It's like offering food to a homeless person. Even if he just ate, he's going to take it because he doesn't know when his next meal is coming so he better get it while he can.

I have a pool table at my house. When I first got it two years ago, I played daily. Now, it's more like a couple times a month. My thought is, if not today, maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day. That's how a lot of women view sex. If I don't get it from him today, he'll be around asking for it tomorrow.

Personally, I find that power very sexy. While I like to be in control, it is a little awe inspiring to know that, despite my attempts to be strong, most women can get me to jump through hoops if they dangle the prospect of sex in front of me. Because, who knows where my next meal is coming from?

Another reason that women have it better is that they have a larger prospect pool out there. While many women aren't into it, the opportunity to be with another woman is absolutely more of a possibility than for a man to be with another man. I've never been with another man and have had only the most fleeting curiosity of what it would be like. But for women, being with another woman is not only considered acceptable but damn sexy. For me (and I'm sure for most men) there is nothing sexier than two attractive women kissing, their bare breasts pressed together. I don't know that most women have the same feeling about two men together. And even if they do, society as a whole does not. If a guy has a fantasy about another man, he's damn sure not going to tell his best buddy about it. He would be completely ostracized, even if the buddy had those same fantasies. But a woman can talk about it more freely with others, men and women. It's simply her exploring her sexuality to the utmost. For a guy, he's a fag or a queer. A woman can experiment and still be considered straight. Once a man has even a fantasy, that's it, he's gay.

That's all for today. I'll be back.

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