The young wife's temptation.  

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The young wife's temptation.

This is a story heard from the senior.

I was working for the operating company of the telephone before.
And, when he or she was a new figure, the senior seems to have been selling a domestic telephone.

One house that senior visited. It is young wife lovely on the inside that has gone out.
The senior explained an all-out commodity by one place, and obtained the promise to visit later again to contract.

When having reported on that to the superior, the thing that the superior cannot go because of other work.
The senior holds only the word of the encouragement "Hold out" in the chest, and : to young wife's place.

Senior who explains contract to young wife kindly and politely.
The distance such as salesmen and guest would contract before long, and air became intimate.

・・・Word of senior who recalls those days "It was already a green light in complete".

The senior loosens one's tie, and it has approached her. That time.

Fresh voice that sounds in "Hello" door.

Very, the superior quick finished his work for a lovely subordinate, and it ran to assistance.

Air became a businesslike at a dash thing,
and the senior seemed to complete the contract indifferently and to have returned to the company.

"Though the contract was good because it was possible to take it" and the senior smile a wry smile and are ..
However, how did it become a young wife afterwards, and it did not try to reveal it.












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