I Wanna Feel the Power Between My Legs...  

rm_KarmoHunny 54F
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7/15/2006 5:15 pm

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8/23/2006 9:47 pm

I Wanna Feel the Power Between My Legs...

Feel the motor tickle my ass. Feel the air blowing in my face and through my dreds. Feel the rush as I ride in the open country. As if I'm the only one there. I wanna ride in the daytime as well as the night. I wanna wear leather as I ride my bike.

You guessed it, I want a motorcycle. It's just another one of my dreams. I haven't been able to get one so far, hopefully in the future I can.

Any motorcycle enthusiasts out there? How do you feel when you are riding your bike? Where do you go? Do you belong to any clubs?

norprin5 55M

7/15/2006 10:20 pm

i want a bike, too, but i'd probably kill myself with it

just read your back posts...you've got some good stuff goin' on

King Nor XVIII

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/15/2006 11:17 pm:
Hi Norprin,

You could take riding lessons. You'd be ready to ride then.

Thanks for the compliment on my posts! I will be visiting your blog also. By the way, nice bun (I can only see one...LOL!).

Rock on, dude!

DrSpots 59M

7/15/2006 11:29 pm


I had my motorcycle operator's license before I had a motorcycle. I took a safe rider course at the local Junior College and if you passed the road test on the bike the college provided then the state counted that as satisfactory for the license.

I had a Scooter for a while, but my dreams are of a Vulcan.

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/16/2006 12:06 am:
I hope you will be able to get the Vulcan of your dreams! Thanks for stopping by!


redswallow777 48M
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7/16/2006 9:21 am

I can't say I have ever lusted after a motorcycle but I am intrigued by the cyclists I see. What does it feel like to have all that energy between their legs? They always look so intense as they cruise by....

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/16/2006 11:08 am:
Most of the motorcyclists I see look sooo cool riding their bikes. I don't care too much for the crotch-rockets. Those appear to be a bit too powerful for me. Plus, they don't look comfortable to ride. The guys on them look sexy though.

SingleWarrior 52M

7/16/2006 9:59 pm

I'd like to get another bike to ride.

Had a Harley. This time, I want a Triumph or an Indian.

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/17/2006 7:30 pm:
Hi Warrior,

I thought Harley's are THE motorcycle to have. What makes a Triumph or an Indian better? I've never heard of the Indian. What happened to your Harley?

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I always look forward to hearing from you. By the way, I love your new pic!


FrankPicasso 52M

7/17/2006 5:54 am

I don't personally ride, but I know lots of people who do. Most riders in New Hampshire hate to wear helmets for some reason. They say that they're careful, but you always have to worry about the guy that doesn't see you. I hope you get that bike, KarmoHunny. Just make sure you wear a helmet.

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/17/2006 7:39 pm:
Hi Frank,

That's true about not being seen by the other guy. But that happens with cars too. I know, it's safer being in a car because you have the car body to protect you.

You must have read my mind. I wasn't going to wear a helmet. We'll have to see how things go when I get my bike. Thanks for hoping I will get one. I appreciate it!

Hugs Sweetie!

LadySunrise 33F  
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7/17/2006 8:06 am

i have been on one and its certainly a treat!!!! talk about power!!!

thanks for visiting my blog!! i am adding you to my watched list

live more, laugh often, love much

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/17/2006 7:41 pm:
Yep, they are a lot of fun! They also make one look cool...LOL! Thanks for adding me to your watched list. I will add you also.


SingleWarrior 52M

7/17/2006 7:58 pm

KarmoHunny replies on 7/17/2006 7:30 pm:
Hi Warrior,

I thought Harley's are THE motorcycle to have. What makes a Triumph or an Indian better? I've never heard of the Indian. What happened to your Harley?

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I always look forward to hearing from you. By the way, I love your new pic!


The Classic-ness of them is what I like. Look up photos of them and I think you'll see what I mean

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/18/2006 5:44 pm:
I'll check them out. Thanks!

florallei 99F

7/18/2006 8:12 am

Hi Karma,

Your dream will come true. A few years back I was on holidays and when I returned to my car I saw these gorgeous shiny huge motorcycles and thought I bet the guys who owned them are intimidating. WRONG, Two women in their middle 60s came over with their leather suits and climbed on the bikes. That was just so amazing. Yeah so GF, I can see you doing that. Hopefully you will own one before their age though.

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/18/2006 5:42 pm:
Wow! Women in their middle 60s on bikes? How cool is that? I hope I'll be able to own one before then too. If not, I'll take it when I can get it.


SingleWarrior 52M

7/18/2006 11:29 pm

KarmoHunny replies on 7/18/2006 5:44 pm:
I'll check them out. Thanks!

Looked yet?

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/20/2006 8:45 pm:
Hey Warrior!

I did have a look at those bikes. Both of them are pretty cool. I liked the Indian better than I did the Triumph. The design of their sports bikes are really innovative. Hope you'll be able to get the one of your dreams!

Hugs Hun!

tiyannah 47T

7/19/2006 3:41 pm


rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/20/2006 8:49 pm:
Thanks Hunny! I've been wanting a motorcycle since forever. Maybe if you wish hard enough, it will come true for the both of us.

Hugs Sista Girl!

1badelectraglide 56M

7/27/2006 5:00 am

Hi ya. So your interested in low level flight? I've had a bike for as long as I can remember. Started to ride dirt bikes at 10 and never slowed down. Got off the bullet bikes about 6 years ago and switched to the HDs. It used to be cool to brag I had a 200 mph ride but it really was stupid to think you could ride that fast without endangering the life off some poor bastard that you might hit. The Electra glide became of interest as I got older. Slowed me down and had almost the same freedom with a lot more safety and comfort. Check out a film called The Worlds Fastest Indian, Its a true story and stars Anthony Hopkins. Hope you feel better, and don't worry about pissing off a few People with the gall to send a shit pile of e-mails on political and religious opinions. Had to send a buddies wife a kiss off after she found God and thought I needed to meet him too. He knows me well and we have our own understanding. I don't act like an ass and he lets me stay on his earth. Be cool.1Bad

rm_KarmoHunny replies on 7/27/2006 2:42 pm:
Hi 1Bad,

Welcome to blogland and thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like you have quite a bit of experience with motorcycles. I'm jealous...LOL! I've never heard of the Electra Glide. I'll see what I can find on the Internet about it. I've never heard of that film with Anthony Hopkins either (geeze, where have I been?). I'll have to see if I can find it.

Thanks for the encouragement! Usually, I'm not a people pisser-offer. But why should I suppress what I feel while others say and write what they want? Those days are over! If they can't deal with what I have to say in an adult manner, then they can go to Hell! My opinions have nothing to do with race or speaking English, etc. It has to do with how Americans are treated in America. Period. I think a lot of us get the short end of the stick. But that's as far as I'll go regarding that.

Take care and don't be a stranger!


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