Celebrity Fantasy  

rm_KanineT9 66M
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9/11/2005 5:15 pm

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8/20/2006 2:43 pm

Celebrity Fantasy

I find Suzan Sarandon attractive, but my favorite is the All-American girl, Meg Ryan. I do not really fantasize about having sex with them, but they are lovely woman. I would find myself in a circumstance with Meg where I could be of assistance to her, like changing her tire or fixing her light switch. We begin to converse and find each other intelligent, clever... We decide to cook dinner together, just a throw-together meal with wine. We continue speaking and laughing as we cook. The kitchen is updated and spacious. The meal is quite good and we are getting a little drunk. It is not that she is well known, rich, and famous. It is that she is lovely and we are having a great time. When she looks at me, I fall into her eyes. It is like swimming in warm, blue water on a perfect day. We continue to talk and laugh for what could be hours. ...................................I approach her from behind as she cleans up the dishes. She stops when I touch her and turns around. My hands are on her shoulders and she looks at me innocently with her beautiful, pale blue eyes. We kiss ... softly at first, the intensity growing imperceptibly. Finally, we are kissing passionately and licking each other as our hands travel over each other. We cannot stop. Passion has momentum like a huge rock careening down a mountainside. Now we are ripping each other’s clothes off and I place her on the large kitchen table and sit in a chair facing her smoothly shaven pussy and I lick her box. As I taste her, I begin to tantalize her vagina gently for some time and then I fuck her with my tongue and suck her clitoris. The smell is remarkably sweet, clean, and it intoxicates me further. Her hips move and grind my face. I am pleased that I shaved my face recently. I would be a tragedy to chaff this creamy skin. I watch her move and see her perfect hipbones gyrate gracefully in all directions. I hear her cry and moan; she begs me to enter her and I do. I grab her ankles and hold them in the air as I fuck her hard and slow, penetrating as deeply as I can with every thrust of my swollen cock. She cries louder now and I gaze upon her beautiful face and neck. I watch her breasts shake in the rhythm of our loving. Now she moans loudly in time with the cadence. Her cunt is hot and slick and I feel her quake as she descends into a delicious orgasmic spasm. I cannot stop as she recovers and then comes again, shaking uncontrollably...................

CruelKitty 45F
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9/11/2005 5:39 pm

hmm...I have a fantasy about Matt Damon that goes something like that.

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