Catholic school girl punished ( story)  

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Catholic school girl punished ( story)

Story---Warning contains forced sex!!

I walk into class 10 minutes late and go sit beside one of my random guy friends. " Nice of you to join us Mya" Mr.Smith says. He continues teaching the class. Marc leans over and grabs my hand and puts it onto his crotch and starts to move it around. "Come on Mya once. For me" Marc says with a smile. I just laugh and start moving my hand around feeling his dick start to grow.I undo his pants and slowly slide my hand into them. I grab a hold of his dick giving it a light squeeze and than start to run my hand up and down the length of it. Mr. Smith starts walking around the class. " Mya don't stop please" Marc says. So i don't. I start to get a little faster and hard. Moving my hand up and down the shaft of his now fully hard cock. Mr. Smith comes up behind us and grabs my arm tightly. "MYA STOP THAT NOW AND STAY AFTER CLASS WE HAVE TO TALK!" he raises his voice at me, while pulling my arm. Mr. Smith goes starts to go back to his desk. On his way there Desire ( my friend) and I notice that he is starting to het a hardon. MArc gets up and runs to the bathroom to finish himself off.


Everyone starts packing up there stuff to leave. Mr.Smith is at the door watching everyone leave. I go to sneak out, but he quickly grabs my arm and throws me back into the class. After everyone is gone he closes and locks the door. " Now little miss Mya, i think that we have to talk about some things." Mr. Smith says. " well talk and be quick about it i have better things to do!" I reply. I sit down in the chair right infront of him making sure that he can get a peek of my red thong under my kilt. Mr. Smith starts talking. I just sit there looking around the room hoping that he will shut-up soon. Suddenly he is standing right infront of me. " Since you are not going to listen, I guess I have to take matters into my own hands and punish you MY way!" he replies. I just roll my eyes.

I go to get up and walk to the door. Mr. Smith pushes me to the wall and has a hand on either side of me. " GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" i yell. " you will not listen to me so i am going to have some fun here. Now do what i say and we will not have to do it the hard way." he says to me. Suddenly i feel his lips pressing against mine. I try to push him away. He keeps forcing me to kiss him. I try biting his lip. " you do not listen do you?" he replies. He pulls me away from the wall and throws me face first onto his desk. My skirt rose up when i fell onto his desk. I go to fix it. Mr. Smith slaps my hand away from it. " no no. no point to doing that." he says while slowly rubbing his hand up my thigh, missing the crotch of my thong and starting to rub my ass. " mmm this is going to be fun." he quickly grabs the thong and rips it off me. i jump up and go to hit him. he just forces me onto the desk again. " plz stop i will listen in class and behave . i promise" i say. He just ignores me. he turns me around facing him." you are going to listen to me right now and do what i say?" he ask. " what do you want me to do?" I ask. "Well how about you masterbate for me?" he ask with a big smile on his face. " Fuck you" i reply trying to push him away again. He grabs my blouse and pulls it apart. he starts messaging my tits, pinching at my nipples through my bra. i try hitting him away, but it is not working. He pulls me into a kiss again i do not respond. i do not notice that he had undid my bra. He pulls my shirt and bra off and throws it on to the floor. i go to grab my shirt and bra.

" you have got one more chance" he says. He starts to undo his pants. and pulls them and his boxers off. He pulls me up to him and puts his foot behind my knees and forces me onto my knees. " now suck it. I know you love it. Be nice" he says while pushing his cock against my lips. i refuse to open my mouth. He grabs my nose. when i go to take a breath he pushes his cock into my mouth. He holds onto the back of my head and starts to move his cock in and out of my mouth. He pushes his cock as far as he can so i am now deep throating him. I start to bite down onto his cock. " don't even think about it" when i do not stop he pulls me up by the hair and slaps me. Again he pushed me onto the desk, but he starts to grab something out of his desk. He comes around front of me and grabs me tightly and handcuffs my wrist to his desk. " NOW SINCE YOU CAN NOT GO ANYWHERE BEHAVE AND SUCK MY DICK!!!" He grabs my hair and pulls my head up and slides him cock into my mouth. He keeps forcing it in and out of my mouth. " Damn slut you have a nice mouth. No wonder the guys like you so much" he says. He pulls out of my mouth and walks behind me. i hold me legs closed tightly. " now now open up those pretty legs." Wi do not listen. He gives me a smack on the ass. I jump a little. He does it acouple of more times.

He grabs my legs and pulls them fully open. He pushes my kilt the rest of the way up and starts running a hand up and down my pussy, Hitting my clit. He starts to slide a finger into me. " well well well.. it looks like someone is nice and wet for me." he starts sliding two fingers in and out of my pussy. He stops and grabs his coat and puts it under my hips and starts running the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips. I try kicking him, but he just slaps me in the ass. " please stop do not do this to me" right in the middle of my sentence he rams his cock half way into me. i let out a little moan. he pulls out so just the head is in me . He rams all the way into me. He starts to thrust his cock in and out in and out of my pussy. Everyonce in a while he slaps my ass. "damn for a slut you have one tight pussy." He starts thrusting is cock in and out in and out of my pussy fast and hard. He keeps thrusting in and out in and out getting harder. he pulls out and slides to fingers into me getting them wet and pulls them out and thrust back into my pussy. As he is thrusting in and out of my pussy i feel him start to slide a finger into my ass. " no PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT" i say. " oh shut up you have done it before i hear the guys talking about it." I pushes a second finger into my ass and starts to move them in and out of my ass. He pulls his dick out and slowly pushes it against my ass. The head of his cock pops in and slowly he get all 8in in my ass. he starts thrusting in and out of my ass. i let a little moan escape * i've always liked it up the ass* He keeps thrusting in and out of my ass. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back and starts to get harder and faster. " you are loving this bitch arn't you?" i do not respond. He pulls out of my ass and rams into my pussy again. " you are so fucking wet and tight you slut." he keeps switching between my ass and pussy. He grabs my nipple and start twisting, pinch and pulling at them. Suddenly he starts to moan and thrust in long hard strokes. " oh fuck i am going to cum." he starts getting as hard and fast as he can. " oh fuck bitch i am cumming." he keeps ramming in and out in and out in and out. He lays on my back until he is completely soft and than moves to her face. " that was only the beginning we have all weekend long. NOW START SUCKING MY COCK CLEAN"......... ***TO BE CONTIUNED****

Tell me what you think and i might finish it

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