Road Trip  

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10/17/2005 4:56 pm

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Road Trip

Before setting out for an overnight visit to a remote office she decides to stop by her office to pick up some work and close up some a few things before leaving. After about an hour she is ready to head out. After getting on the interstate and starting to relax a little for the 3 hour drive she flips on the radio and sits her seat back getting comfortable for the long ride. After about an hour all the radio stations she is interested in start to fade out so she decides to put in a cd of soft relaxing music. After a few minutes a listing to the somewhat romantic and soft tunes she is listening to she finds her mind starting to wonder and thinking back to the other night of what was hot sex and drinking. Her hand starts sliding down her legs and starts to pull them apart. She has fairly easy access because she only her stockings on today. She starts rubbing her pussy slowly at first and then as she listens to the music and starts thinking about how good it was feeling being fucked. She works her pussy even harder. Realizing that she starting to let her mind wonder off the road she decides to pull over at the upcoming rest stop. Pulling in she looks around to see how crowded it is and it's not too bad. She pulls to the end spot and stops. Shutting her car off and leaving the CD playing she relaxes back in her seat. She then pulls her stockings off so she can get to her throbbing wet pussy easier. Spreading her legs she starts rubbing her pussy up and down harder and harder thinking about how good the hot dick she had in there the other day, slowly she pulls her pussy open and slides her fingers in and starts to fuck herself thinking of the hard dick she had. After a few moments she opens her eyes and to her surprise a truck had pulled up bedside her. Startled at first she stopped what she was doing and peered into the truck. The windows where kind of dark, and she could only see a silhouette. He looked to be a fairly tall man but wasn't quite sure. Finally the truck door opens for her. Reluctant at first she decides to see who he his. Climbing in, she looks around and sees a tall man sitting at the wheel. He tells her has been watching for the last few minutes and it has really turned him on. Feeling somewhat excited herself about this she reaches over and rubs her hand across his crotch and to her surprise a hard dick between his legs. After rubbing his hard dick for a few minutes she decides to remove his pants to reveal his ever so hard dick. Getting his pants off she is getting more excited by what she sees. His dick is so hard she takes it in her hands and starts stroking it feeling how hot it is becoming. Then he reaches over and slides his hands up her dress being pleasantly surprised she has nothing on. He starts gently rubbing her pussy at first and then gets a little harder. Slowly taking is fingers and pulling her ever wet pussy open and slides his fingers in her. Feeling good she spreads her legs wider and starts stroking him harder. Finally she is ready and pulls him over closer to her so she can throw a leg across him and straddles him. Landing on his thighs with his dick still in her hands sitting on his legs stroking him she moves his hard dick closer to her pussy stroking the outside of her pussy up and down. Her pussy is feeling so hot from this she moves closer and raises up herself with his hard dick in hand and slides her acking pussy down on his dick. Feeling her pussy open and his hard dick go deeper and deeper and her pussy go all the way down. She begins to rock her hips back and fourth feeling his hard dick so deep in her pussy. He takes his hands down and places them around her firm ass and begins to rub it for her. Feeling this she becomes more excited and starts riding him harder and harder. She then pulls her blouse up and then his shirt and moves up closer rubbing her soft firm tit's all over him. Feeling this he has to feel her tit's so he moves his hands her side slowly and to her tit's. He leans back to take a look and sees her firm tit's rubbing him. Her nipples where so hard he decides to slide his mouth down over her tit's and hard nipples and suck them for her. Biting her hard nipples and sucking her tit's added even more excitement. She starts moaning louder and louder as she begins to really fuck him harder. The more he sucked the harder she got. Whispering in her ear how good she is and how hot her pussy is, telling her to fuck me good. He raises his head and looks around for a moment and sees the windows are completely fogged. The air in the cab was hot and sultry. He then whispers in her ear he is ready to cum for her. At this point she is ready to cum also. He slowly runs his hands down her hips and pulls her ever so hot pussy down as tight as he can shoot his hot cum deep in her pussy. As he starts cumming she also begins to cum and rides up and down slowly feeling his hot cum running out of her hot pussy. After a few minutes of riding his wet dick she decides she wants to suck it for him. She climbs off and takes his hot wet dick in her hands and shoves it her mouth. He was thinking how good that feels her hot mouth sucking him all the way in. He talks to her while she sucks him telling her how good that feels. After a few minutes of this she decides that she better be getting back on the road and he agrees. They exchange passionate kisses then she climbs out of truck and back into her car she sits back and relaxes closing her eyes to think back about what just happened. When she opened her eyes back up and looked over the truck had already left. She had forgotten to get his name and phone number. So she decides it's time to leave putting her stocking back on and getting back out onto the road. Sitting back relaxing listing to her CD thinking about how good that was and the time sure flew by for her. She had already reached her destination before she knew it.

racer68guy 48M

12/12/2005 4:16 am

Nice story!!! Or, did it actually happen to you?LOL Either way it's pretty hot.

beckyluv_and_hub 59M/55F  
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1/10/2006 3:37 pm

Very steamy! On the road again...just can't wait to get on the road again......

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