Cougar Close Call  

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7/8/2005 8:17 pm

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Cougar Close Call

A lovely mature woman I know asks me to her house to show her how to use her new fangled PDA. After I arrive she explains that she wants to add her grandson's address but doesn't know how. She hands it to me as she sits down next to me on the couch and leans close in order to get a better look at the screen, resulting in her ample busum pressing against my arm closest her. Each time I show her how to complete a task she whispers so I can feel her hot breath on my ear. Her hand which was lightly resting on my knee slowly slides up my thigh to my crotch and gently squeezes my hardening package. The PDA is soon forgetting as she lightly kisses my ear and occasionally licks and sucks my earlobe before moving to full kisses on my neck. My belt, button and zipper are undone before her hand slips into my underpants and fondles my balls before grasping my stiff member and slowly stroking it up and down. I reach over and feel her nipple harden as I caress her breast through her blouse. Shortly after she whispers her desire for a better look at me, my pants are pulled down to my ankles and she lays her head across my lap. I discover the wet warmness of her mouth as each of my balls are sucked into her mouth and caressed by her tongue while my cock is more aggressively stroked. My glistening sack is then firmly held in one hand as the other hand pulls the head of my throbbing cock into her mouth. I let out an audible exhalation as I experience greater suction and her mouth sliding further down my shaft with each bob of her head. The intense sensation seems to last forever as she hums and deftly alternates between sucking and licking. Gradually her sucking and grasp of my balls are increased and I feel myself reaching climax. Suddenly the tension increases to a peak and then I release my load with great spasms as she continues to suck and hum until I yield no more.

She replaces me by laying across the couch with her head resting on the armrest, one foot on the floor, the other hiked up on the backrest, and her legs spread wide apart. Reclining with her erect nipples showing through her translucent silk blouse, she motions with her index finger for me to come closer and pulls her skirt up and smiles more as I approach to discover she is wearing crotchless pantyhose. As I come closer her hands guide my head between her legs until my face is buried in her patch. With my tongue I slowly part her warm, moist, full lips and probe inside. I hear a moan of approval as my licks find her clit and they continue as I concentrate more on her most sensitive spot. Moans of pleasure are heard as my mouth closes and sucks around her protruding clit and my tongue relentlessly stimulates it. As she pulls my face harder against her pussy wet with her juice and my saliva her moans, breathing, and ecstasy increase until she shivers and orgasms in a great moan.

She explains that by watching through the kitchen window she can better spot her retired husband arriving home the golf course. Legs together and straight she leans forward and grasps the edge of the kitchen counter with her hands and instructs my to lift the back of her skirt. My stiffening dick wags back and forth as I walk up behind her and lift her skirt and deposit it on her back revealing a full ass stretching pantyhose as it thrusts towards me. Putting my hands on her hips I pull my hard cock closer to her crotchless patch until I feel her hot pussy. I rub the head of my cock against her lips, parting them, and moistening it for penetration. Slowly the tip of my dick finds and enters her slowly increasing in depth with each tentative thrust until I'm pressed hard against her buttocks and feel the warm wetness of her lips encircling the base of my cock. With my cock fully buried I lean forward and clutch her dangling silk covered breasts in my hands. I respond to her plaintive request for "faster and harder" with increasingly longer and faster thrusts until our breathing becomes louder and ragged. The pounding continues at a steady pace with her occasional gasp or moan of approval. Our attention a drawn to the driveway
as her husbands car stops before the slowly rising garage door. I hold her hips tightly as she begins a continual moan that peaks with every powerful thrust which starts with my dick completely outside her and ends with quick and deep penetration. The garage door opens all the way and the car begins pulling in. My grunts, her escalating moaning, and the quivering of her ass mark each collision of my pelvis into her. Her husband exits the car and walks around to the trunk, opens it, and retrieves his golf clubs. As I climax I violently burry and hold my dick in her and she gasps loudly with each powerful spurt inside her. The husband finishes putting up his clubs and starts walking the path from the garage to the house. Reluctantly I pull out of her and pull up my pants. Before I'm pushed out the front door I hear the back door opening and the customary "Honey, I'm home..."

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