A shocker for ya............  

rm_Justcause22 43M
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3/28/2006 2:28 pm
A shocker for ya............

ok......A blog...Not to take away from it.but a blog is random thoughts....and oh here's one! I am on this computer doing this....Hmmmm. OK so this one time in band camp..Nevermind!
For those of you who take time to read this I am truly sorry....lol. For I was in the mood to just blab on and for no apparent reason other then BECAUSE.
I read a few of the BLOGS that caught my eye and one in particular was about "Broken Heart"! How you stole my emotion and now I am cold feelingless wreck of a woman! While I am sorry that's the case I am also curious as to why?
Life is rough and if you don't know that by now, well Um...Hey I got property for sale in weesianna.......lol. JK and sorry bout the broken Heart...I am well versed as well but I am also one that believes "go with the flow" and live a life already!
Well that's that!! Have fun trying to decipher this mess and I'll see you all around.

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