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10/17/2005 8:41 am

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Another Sexy Story

I am sitting alone on a stool in a hotel cocktail bar in London having a drink before heading up to my room. You come into the bar wearing a short tight dress that is low cut at the front and your breasts swell out of the tight fabric. All the men in the bar watch you as you walk up to the bar and ask for a drink. I offer to buy it for you and you smile and pull yourself onto the stool beside me. The stool's a bit high and your dress is a bit tight and as you try to get comfortable your dress rides up a bit higher on your thighs and your legs open slightly to help you balance. I can't help but look at your legs, hoping to catch a sight of your panties, but your dress isn't high enough. You catch me looking and you smile and tell me that I'm being naughty, but you don't adjust your dress.

You've got a great tan, and I tell you that you look fantastic. You tell me that you've just come back from holiday and are staying in the hotel as you are on a training course for a new job you've just started. I feel that all the men in the bar are giving me dirty looks because I've got you all to myself. I tell you this and you laugh and I watch as your breasts press against your dress and I can see that your nipples have hardened a little bit and are starting to push through your dress. You catch me staring again and I fell a bit embarrassed being caught looking, so I look away, but when I do I realise that the front panel of the bar is chrome plated and I can see a perfect reflection of your legs. In the reflection, I can see right up your dress and can see your little white panties, so tight that I can see the outline of your pussy lips through the material.

You realise what I am up to but instead of being angry, you open your legs slightly, and I can see a small darker patch appear. As I continue to look, your pussy lips give a little spasm against your panties, and I can see the dark patch spreading as your lips pulse and a little more of your juice makes your panties stick to you and make the material almost transparent. Finally I manage to drag my eyes back to your face and you are smiling and playing with a cocktail cherry on a stick between your teeth. You hold it lightly between your teeth and I can see your tongue licking all round it.

Now it's my turn to need to move on my stool as my cock hardens and pushes against my trousers. I need to move my hands to my lap so that no-one can see but you notice and laugh as I go a little bit red in the face. You slip off your stool and tell me not to go away while you go to the toilet, as you pass me your hand lightly brushes up my thigh and just touches my hard cock through my trousers and it jerks as you squeeze past me and I can feel your breasts against me shoulder. All the eyes in the bar follow you to the ladies and then the men go back to giving me dirty looks.

You come back and climb back onto the stool, your skirt even higher this time. You lean over and tell me you have something to show me. You open your handbag and right on the top I can see your little white panties and can see the damp patch that used to be pressed tight against your pussy. I look down at the reflection of your legs again, but this time I can clearly see your pussy lips and they are swollen and open and glistening with your juice. My cock gets even harder and I need to put my jacket over my legs to cover it up. You suggest we should maybe go for a walk and try to find somewhere to eat. I ask you what you enjoy eating and you just smile and lick your lips.

The evening is warm and as we walk, you take hold of my arm and I can feel your breasts hot against me. We come to a sign for the London Eye and they are offering private capsules with with Champagne and food. We decide to take one and soon we are all alone in our big glass capsule, and we start to rise over the London skyline. We start to drink the Champagne and lean against the rail at the window watching the sky go past. I slide my hand down your back and use my fingers to push your dress into the crease of your bum. I continue running my hand up and down your back getting a little lower down each time. Eventually my hand gets to the bottom of your dress and my finger brushes against your skin, just at the top of your thigh where your bum cheeks start.

I run my finger along the crease at the top of your thigh and then over to the other one then very slowly my fingers run over your bum, up under your dress. Your body shudders and and you spill some of your champagne as you go to drink it. It runs from your mouth down the side of your throat, and then down onto your breast. I lean forward and start to suck the champagne from your throat and then slowly down to the swell of your breast. You are breathing hard now and I take the strap of your dress from your shoulder and ease your breast into the palm of my hand. I lift it up and take your nipple into my mouth, tasting the champagne on your hard nipple. My other hand is still on your bum and as I gently bite your nipple, I slide one of my fingers from your bum cheek, down the crease of your bum, brushing your hole with the tip of my finger and then slide it along the length of your pussy, parting your lips as it goes. You let out a gasp and I take the strap off your other shoulder and free up both your breasts. I take what is left of the champagne in your glass and pour it over your breasts, making your nipples even harder as the ice cold wine covers you.

I move behind you and you put my arms around you and start to rub your breasts and nipples with my hands. You balance yourself by putting your hands high above you onto the glass of the capsule window and I take my hands and run them down your arms and onto your breasts squeezing your nipples. Then I take my hands and push your dress down so that it slips onto the floor and you step out of it, leaving you completely naked except for your stilettos. You open your legs to keep your balance and you are now spreadeagled against the glass of the window, your breasts are covered with champagne and they are squashed against the glass. I have got out of my clothes too and as I move behind you you can feel my hard cock in your bum crack. I look down and see the people in the capsule below us and they are watching everything we do. I think one of them may have a video camera out. I whisper in your ear that we are being watched, but you tell be that you have known all the time.

I take the bottle of champagne and pour some of it down your back. I start to suck it off you working down your shoulders to the small of your back and then your bum. You push your bum back towards me and I let some more champagne run down the crack of your arse with all the little bubble exploding as they hit your skin. I lick you clean and then my tongue eventually makes it to your pussy. I sit down with my back to the glass and you push your pussy towards my face. My tongue snakes out and licks every inch of your pussy and then my lips lock onto your clit. You moan and grind your hips harder against my face so hard that the back of my head is banging against the window and your juice is squirting all over my face.

You tell me to give you the bottle and you take it and start to pour champagne down between your tits, down your belly and onto your clit. The cold wine fizzes up when it hits your clit, and you squirm as it mixes with your hot juice and my tongue. I am holding your lips wide open as i sit in front of you, your clit is swollen and covered in a mixture of champagne, your own juice and my saliva. You keep pouring the champange until the bottle runs out and I suck your clit right into my mouth hard. I take the empty bottle from you and start to rub the outside of your pussy with it while i still suck your clit. You beg me to fuck you with it and I slide the neck of the bottle inside you and start fucking you with it an inch at a time. You get impatient and suddenly you push your pussy down on the bottle taking the neck all the way inside you. You moan as I keep sucking your clit and as I hold the bottle with one hand you squirm and grind your pussy to get more inside and I use my other hand to squeeze your nipples hard.

You move away from the window and i can see the people in the capsules above and below us watching every move we make. I guy is using a video camera to record every moment. Where you've been pressed against the window, the glass is covered with champagne and I can see where your breasts were squashed against the glass. You take the bottle out of your pussy and look down on me as you suck the neck of the bottle. Then you push me back onto the floor and straddle my face and lower your open pussy onto my face. As it gets closer you are dripping all over my face and it's a combination of champagne and pussy juice, mmmmmmmm lovely. My face is covered with your pussy and you lean forward and start to suck my cock running your hands all over my cock and balls, taking it deep into your mouth while i lick your pussy and bum.

Eventually I can't take any more of your sucking and I push you up and push you against the glass again and ram my hard cock into your soaking, wide open pussy from behind, grabbing your tits at the same time. You put your hands back and grab my arse pulling me deeper inside you than I ever thought possible. You're screaming at me to fuck you hard and I pump harder and harder into you from behind, lifting your feet off the floor and pushing the whole front of your body against the glass for everyone who is looking to see. You start to cum at the same time as I feel it rising up from my balls throgh my cock and into your pussy, my cock pumps and pumps all my cum up inside you and we collapse on the floor soaking with sweat.

After a few minutes we realise that the capsule is almost gone all the way round and we are nearly back on the ground. We get dressed quickly and I help you clean up your thighs as my cum is still running out of you. As we get ready to get off, we notice a crowd of people standing below us and there are some police too. Someone must have complained and we are in big trouble. As the door of the capsule opens we make a run for it, and someome in the crowd gets in the way of the police and blocks them. As we run away, someone shouts at us. It is the guy with the video camera. He throws me that tape, and shouts that it;s something we can watch later.

As we head back to the hotel, I ask you what your new job is, and how the training course is going. You tell me that you have just landed a job as sales manager for Ann Summers shops. I tell you that you must be joking, but you say you can prove it...... you've got some samples up in your room. We head for the lift.............

rm_cintai 53M
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12/14/2005 11:15 am

Dear Julie,
I like it soft,
but wild in exhibition,
tell me where can I see capsule and what is her stilleto is !
dd3 6he

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