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9/10/2005 7:09 am

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I posted this in a reply, but this bears repeating....

I wrote a question about females who have squirting orgasms.. and I had several women ask me for any advice or tips to help them achieve this miraculous event. This is my best advice... Consider this article and at least try it once or maybe after reading this, you might decide you DON'T want to try it at all. THIS IS JUST EXPERIENCE and I am CERTAINLY NOT SPEAKING FOR ALL MY FELLOW SQUIRTERS, Just this one

Practice Kegaling ALL THE TIME... The kegal muscle can be found easily... while peeing, forcibly stop the flow using the muscle down there that you contract when you are trying not to piss yourself. That kegal muscle is the 'catapulter' for the female orgasm. If that muscle is strong, you can ejaculate your juices OUTWARDLY with the release of the orgasmic contraction... PLUS your partner will literally be able to feel your new ability to GRASP onto and "pull" his penis or his/her fingers into you.

I also have wet dreams and I wake up literally contracting and releasing this muscle very tightly~ HOLDING IT INTO THE CONTRACTION for as long as I can stand it and RELEASING THE FLOOD! you know that feeling of when you FINALLY got to pee after holding it for such an uncomfortably long time? Hell that almost feels orgasmic sometimes, doesn't it?
Most important though... is to be COMPLETELY at ease with yourself and you body and ESPECIALLY your partner for this type of orgasm to happen. Don't TRY and make it happen, because then it never will... INSTEAD, LET it happen... if you have a clitoris, a g-spot and a urethra opening, that you have everything you need already to be a squirted.... it's your biological gift from the sex gods...(maybe a karma tic balance or payback for women having to endure the horrendous pain of childbearing?)it's a natural and you deserve to feel it....

LOSE YOURSELF in the moment, in yourself, in the orgasm... let all worries, fears, thoughts,etc escape your mind and instead let your BODY concentrate on the feel and JUST GO WITH IT!!! become a helpless victim to your stimulation...let your partner be your puppeteer... HE controls your orgasm and your body dutifully follows his ever whim. You may need some time for this, so MAKE TIME to experiment, LOTS OF TIME in one night... have a glass of wine or two... don't do it when the phone might ring or kids are in the house or ANYTHING can happen to zap you back to reality and out of 'the zone'.

The surest way for me to have these CRAZY-ASS squirting orgasms are after my clit has been vigorously rubbed or stimulated until it is nice and swollen and throbbing, and then immediately the attention is turned to my G-spot (which is thought to be the underside of the clitoris where the nerve endings are gathered and bunched for both the clit and g-spot). So once you get the blood flowing to your clit... have your partner insert 2 fingers and with the palm of his hand facing up towards your front side, then rapidly, but with control, have him do the "COME HERE" motion with both fingers to really tickle that group of endings into complete hypnotic, pleasure....

DON'T STOP UNLESS IT HURTS... you will feel like you are on the edge of a cliff and you might be afraid to just LET GO and FALL into the feeling~ DON"T BE SCARED, JUST GO WITH IT... you might want to SCREAM STOP, BUT BELIEVE ME, YOU REALLY MEAN DON'T STOP!!! Tie up your hands to keep you from stopping him, do whatever you have to do to LEAVE YOUR INHIBITIONS BEHIND.

Think of your body as a temple, a shrine... a magical place that should be adored and worshipped and BECOME ONE WITH EVERYTHING and NOTHING all at once... TIME WILL STOP, YOU WILL SEE STARS, YOUR KNEES will start to quiver, you will feel your body shivering from DEEP WITHIN itself... as this AMAZING FUCKING WET FLOWING feeling with BURST OUT OF YOU like NOTHING you have EVER experienced before... again you might be scared you, you might feel like you are pissing yourself.. YOU AREN'T !! it isn’t pee... It's just the same type of wetness you get when you are aroused and ready to tear into some good sex.... IT'S IN YOU, it has no smell, no color NOTHING to be worried or ashamed of... it isn't nasty, it's hot and wet and if you just let it keep happening it will just keep cuming and cuming and DON'T STOP the stimulation once it starts, tell him to keep his focus ON YOUR EXTREME pleasurable response to his touch!!

Throw a vibrator back on that clit while he keeps doing the 'COME HERE" motion with your fingers inside you... THERE IS NO PAIN, THERE IS NOTHING BUT THIS INSANE, CAPTIVATING, ENTRANCING feeling that you are at the CENTER of the SEXUAL UNIVERSE and for THAT MOMENT it OWNS YOU, IT OWNS YOU!! But you WANT to be owned YOU WANT TO BE helplessly at the mercy of this TSUNAMI of an orgasm and you NEVER, EVER wanna come back from there...

OH GOD! CAN'T YOU JUST FEEL YOUR EXTREME SEXUAL DOMINATION? THE ABSOLUTE POWER that lies between your thighs... and I promise you this... ONCE IT STARTS, IT will go for AS LONG as you let it or until your partner feels like his hand is going to fall off his body!! He will be so mesmerized by your intense response that he will never adore anyone or anything more than he does you at that very moment, he will want to sit back and just idolize his queen, his sexual goddess... he might not even be able to fuck you because he will be stunned by the rare and wonderful thing that just happened before his very eyes and that not everyone gets to experience in a will have made a memory that based on what I have been reading from 99% of the men, is an experience they NEVER, EVER forget for the rest of their lives.

And YOU... you will be weak, will feel faint for a second... it's like that orgasm sucks the all the life out of your body and leaves an empty shell behind for a few seconds... you might not be able to get, what I like to call', your LAND LEGS because you cannot stand as all the blood has rushed from your head to your clitoris which at this time should be extremely hot to the touch, engorged and throbbing, almost to the point of discomfort! NO WONDER THEY CALL FEMALE DOGS' 'seasons' as BEING IN HEAT!! That's why a female dog will fuck ANYTHING that comes her way when she is menstruating... the FRICTION and MOVEMENT actually EASES the feeling and cessation of stimulation will actually be an awful feeling!

it is for me at least... MY BODY LITERALLY JONESES for more sex! I HAVE TO FEED that crazy addicted feeling my pussy is DYING for. Sometimes I have done this whole orgasm process for so many hours that feel like the worse junkie on earth and ashamed that I can possibly allow myself to cum and feel that way for so many hours! I have to FORCE myself out of bed, put a cold washcloth on myself until the blood flow decides that enough is enough and flows AWAY from my steaming hot clitoris. I have to FORCE myself into the shower to wash that filthy, sex junkie feeling off me and FORCE myself NOT to take the shower head and stream the hard water flow on my now retracting, beat up clitoris which is being teased by just the flow of the shower water as it is still so hyper-sensitive and still desires to be played with.

My god, I am embarrassed I confessed all that! I shouldn't even post this, but my friend, I must warn you, ONCE YOU start having "the floods", you will NEVER be the same again!

redrobbo1967 49M
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9/14/2005 3:47 pm

WOW - that made me jealoous. It sounds like you have had some fantastic expereinces. It was certainly fun reading about them.

I only hope you write an update soon.

All the best

rm_Tabitha1987 29F

9/25/2005 3:54 am

Thanks for sharing that Julia, sounds like you're stuck between similar rock and hard places as myself. On the one hand I want to experience all the pleasures of the body and on the other I know that all that will end sooner or later and I need to work on my inner landscape, i.e making myself a better person (why does this sound so lame on this website?) - Tabitha.

tamethytension 54M
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10/2/2005 1:54 pm

Again, very accurate portrayal. I especially appreciate the "joneses for more sex". It was that realization in my early 30's, that a woman experiencing a sufficiently deep vaginal orgasm bringing her to squirt also had her ready for much more, that has provided me with the impetus of achieving this in new partners. To that end, is possible to quite vigorously manipulate the vaginal walls from behind with her on all fours. And as you indicate, clitoral massasge, especially that has left her very wet is necessary for this to follow.

I think a good many women will thank you for this post.



rm_caving311 34M
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10/2/2005 4:52 pm

Now how about a woman giving a guy a "squirting facial"?

rm_JuicyJulia2 41F
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10/6/2005 6:38 am

redrobbo1967 don’t be jealous, it’s really a double-edged sword to have too much fun

Tabitha1987It’s not lame at all, it’s very important… attraction is created by much more than looks alone… you have the right idea and will get to where you want to be in life because you are willing to always self-improve at the expense of selflessness. Very smart girl, I have lots of faith in you
Live4fun_FL Remind your guy friends, that urine comes from the ‘pee hole’ and women orgasm from their vagina… and like men, we can’t come and pee at the same time! Thanks for your support in this ongoing AdultFriendFinder debate 
tamethytension I try to help when I can… and maybe if women enjoyed better orgasms, they would fake them a lot less often… spoiling the lover with false confidence.
caving311 Very good idea for a new porn category… taking the squirting things one step farther…. Just remember, getting anything in your eye can hurt! Take care

Thanks all
{=} Julia

rm_paynstone 55M
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10/24/2005 1:13 am

Wow, you are sum-thing, I know you know! A female is able to have huge......ones. May I be one next time? And as for now, a male! That shower "head" thing I do use a lot and can do me as good as a hot tub, if not better. Girl you have some abilities, keep it up!
I will read anything you have here. Ever think about getting an agent?

ladybug8662 50F
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2/5/2006 7:14 am

Oh YES! I myself learn the Squirt effect in my late 20's and I have not stopped since than. I love it. I desire it. I want to show women how to do it, as some men have no clue. Every women should know how to do this to herself as well. There have been many many times I have soaked the towels on the bed and still wanted more, more, more. And they wonder why we take naps in the middle of the say lol..Keep on posting girl..I love it...

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