The Woods  

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The Woods

"Damn, I'm one lucky man," thoughts like that often cross my mind when I see Nicole, my girlfriend. She's tall for a girl about 5' 7" with auburn hair, 'C' cup breasts, and the most awesome ass I've ever seen, or experienced. She wears black-rimmed glasses, which I like, and she talks in a cute little voice when she's feeling playful. She's half middle-eastern and half white, her dad is a Muslim and she was raised in a very strict household. Just like with catholic schoolgirls when she was free of her parents control she became a sex goddess and I was lucky enough to be taken along for the ride. We were both virgins when we met but she'd already done oral sex and heavy petting, I however was completely clueless.
At 5' 9" and 160 pounds I'm just your average guy. I wear my sandy brown hair short because it's curly. I'm stocky without too much upper body muscle definition. But I have solid legs and an ass that my girlfriend is obsessed with which is beyond my comprehension. My mom is white and my biological father is Puerto Rican but I was raised with my stepfather's family who are all Mexican. I have a short well-trimmed beard: Nicole says I only have a beard because I'm too lazy to shave everyday but I'm always quick to remind her that I do shave everyday. I just don't shave my face. She regularly shaves her pussy because I like it better that way despite the fact she has tried different shapes.
"Hey, Big D! Over here I found it," she yells to me. I'm always nervous when she calls me that in public. My name is James but she calls me "Big D" which is short for "Big Dick". My penis is only 6 inches long but it's a good thickness and she enjoys it a lot, and frequently.
Even though we're in Yosemite National Forest and away from the main road I'm still cautious when it comes to sex. I'm kind of a private person and there's always a fear that her father will find out about our sex life. We came to the park to photograph different biomes because most of them are found in the higher altitudes for her biology class she was taking over the summer.
I hiked through the underbrush toward her voice and when I found she was excitedly pointing at a group of mushrooms growing at the base of a large pine tree. She explained that she had already taken pictures of them and was anxious to show me. I wasn't interested but I love her enough to fake it so I started cycling through the photo album on the camera. She always had a way of making me blush and today she was making use of her digital camera to that end. The first few were just as I expected pictures of the forest, some of them the focus of the photo was obvious others it just appeared to be a bunch of trees. Then I got to one that looked like a wrinkled pinkish-brown mushroom with no top on it. I squinted and looked closer which drew a long giggle from her. The next one was just as strange, it was like she'd taken an out of focus picture of a shadow. Perplexed but not wanting to look foolish I just moved on to the next picture and all was revealed, I mean all. It was a picture of her holding her shirt up and her pants down. The unidentified picture was a close up of her nipple and the out of focus was one her cunt. When I turned around to look at her she was in pose that mimicked the one in the picture. She was frisky all the time. My first reaction was to look around and make sure we were alone.
"Who's going to see us all the way out here?" As usual, when she was trying to convince me to try something different she was using her cute voice.
I did my best to look at ease and replied, "I don't know but you know how I feel about risks." Then I resumed making sure we were alone and when I was satisfied I walked over to her. I kissed her passionately on her lips while my right hand found her tit and my left moved down to her already soaked pussy. She had just started to rub my cock through my pants when I heard a twig snap to my right. Assuming it was a peeping Tom I pushed her behind me and shouted in the direction of the sound. I nearly stumbled over when a deer jumped out of some bushes and ran away. We chuckled together and I started undoing the pants she had just finished zipping up when another interruption demanded our attention.
A bolt of lightening had struck in the distance. I grew up in a city where lightening was uncommon and never struck so close and what was even more confusing is that the sky was clear. We decided to head back to the car so we could rush home and fuck. Before we could make it to the car though a black cloud had moved overhead and began to pour rain on us. We ran back to the car but by the time we got there we were soaked. She took off her shirt and her bra in the car and put on her sweater, which she had left in the car. I changed into a spare shirt I kept in the trunk. We started home and then the rain stopped just as quickly as it had started.
She told me to pull over and when I did she leaned across the car to look out my window. She was very careful to place her hand on my crotch and rub it as she looked out my window. "Looks like the clouds are gone. Let's go and finish my project," then she winked at me. The more I thought about it the more I realized that she hadn’t taken that many pictures. She must have finished her project when she came up here with a group of her classmates. Once again she had tricked me into going on a sexual adventure.
She smiled at me trying to look innocent; she had a strange way of knowing what was happening in my head. "Yeah, let's go and finish your project. So far I think you're going to get an 'A'," and once again we left the car and went into the woods away from the prying eyes of the highway.
When we'd reached a suitable distance from the road I began my survey of the surrounding area. The protective part of me was always on the look out for predators and unwelcome guests. I was almost done when she put something on top my head and giggled as she ran away. I recognized the smell of her perfume right away and it was with no surprised I discovered that she had taken her sweater off and put it over my head. She was playing tag with me completely topless. She was so confident with her naked body and rightfully so in my opinion. We were circling a tree and she was doing a pretty good job of keeping it between us so I decided to try a little psychological warfare.
I did my best to feign anger and said, "Put this back on right now! What if some one sees you?!" and I shook the sweater in a clenched fist.
As usual she knew what going on inside my head and didn't stop giggling. “Oh yeah baby, like anyone is going to see me. Are you afraid of a couple of western ground squirrels are going to see me? ‘Squeak squeaker squeaken.’”
I tried a different approach "I'm going back to car. I guess you don't want any of this!" and to punctuate my threat I grabbed my groin.
I turned to walk away when she stepped away from the tree and said "I guess you don't want any of this," she had a breast in one hand and pushed her pants down to her mid thigh with her other hand. She made hooting sounds as she shook her tit and wiggled her hips.
"You can't get away now!" which was very true because it was almost impossible for her to run with her pants pushed down. I descended on her like a lion on its prey. I had a finger pushed up into her pussy and a nipple in my mouth so fast even she was surprised.
She stroked my hair while I suckled and her breathing became heavier and she started making soft moaning sounds. "Who said I wanted to get away?" she asked in a husky voice.
I moved my way down pushing down her pants as I went until I was kneeling and had full access to her pussy with my mouth. I softly pinched and twisted her nipples the way she liked me to. Time passed, five minutes? Ten? They say time flies when you're having fun and I was most definitely enjoying myself. Her legs were shaking and her knees gave way during her orgasm. I caught her and gently brought her down to her knees. Usually she's tired after an orgasm and wants to wait a few minutes before we continue. Not today though.
"I want a good long fucking." She stated and I was more than happy to oblige. "Not just yet, though."
This is where things went different than usual. There was a sort of tried and true routine for sex with us and this was new. She undid my pants and immediately went to work on my cock with her mouth. Usually she only gave me blowjobs as a reward, for special occasions, or when she was just being ornery like when I’m on the phone but even her technique was different, more aggressive.
“Sexy…aren’t you glad you didn’t go back to the car?” she asked but I was so aroused I couldn't form words I just kind of grunted and nodded my head. "I said I wanted a good long fucking but you're close to cumming, aren't you?" Again I just nodded my head but she never stopped stroking me. "You owe me a good fucking. Don't forget," and having said that she went back to sucking. She reached around and grabbed my ass and pushed my hips toward her face and she took me deep into her mouth but then she went deeper, then deeper, than she was touching her chin to my balls. I couldn't contain myself, the new sensation of deep throating and my state of arousal was too much for me. I was going to warn her I was going to cum and tried pushing her at shoulders to pull away but all that came out were grunts. And right on cue, like she was reading my mind again, she pulled my hips to her face and she swallowed my whole cock. The she did another unexpected thing she let go of one of my ass cheeks and put pressure against my asshole with a lubed finger. I was about to protest when she pushed the finger into my rectum and the strongest orgasm I'd ever had washed over me. I lost track of time again, she didn't come up for air until after finished. I sagged down pushing heavily on her shoulders. She still had her finger inside me and I stood there with closed eyes while I went soft in her eager mouth.
She let my cock out of her mouth with a slurping sound and removed her finger from my ass. I pulled up my pants enough to sit down on a nearby log. I don't know if I've ever been that exhausted but at the moment I was pretty sure I couldn't fulfill my promise of a "good long fucking" if my life depended on it. She reached down into the camera bag and pulled out some towelettes and began cleaning off her finger and hand. She held it up and waved it at me, I noticed that finger was the only finger with a trimmed fingernail. She snapped the lid back on the tube of lube she'd pulled out of the camera bag and I fully realized that I'd been lead this whole trip to this point.
"You planned this whole thing didn't you?"
Her reply was in her cute voice, "Maybe. Although I never anticipated it raining."
"And when did you learn to deep throat? That's a new trick."
"I've been practicing with my Christmas present," and she pulled out the eight inch purple dildo I bought her. Then she tilted her head back and eased all eight inches into her throat stopping only when her chin hit the plastic purple balls.
"Wow, you thought of everything! About your finger..."
She cut into my sentence and with her mind reading powers boldly said "You enjoyed it! You can't deny it and besides, you do it to me all the time."
"I'd at least appreciate a little warning," her reply was just her sticking her tongue out at me. I stuck my tongue out at her with strained look on my face for emphasis and she moved in and took my tongue into her mouth. My hands wandered to their favorite body parts but my cock was still unable to arouse its self.
"You promised me a good long fucking and I intend to get exactly that," she had a mischievous look in her eye and she was using her cute voice. Before I could say anything she put her finger to my lips to silence me. She removed my hands from her body and I reluctantly complied.
She stepped back and reached into the camera bag. I decided it was more a bag of tricks than a camera bag and was interested to see what else she had packed. She pulled out a squeeze bottle that I didn't recognize. She squeezed some out into one hand then rubbed them together. She seductively walked back toward me, those belly dancing lessons really showed, and when she reached me she warned me to keep my hands to my sides and not touch her or myself. I never know what she's thinking so I just agreed. She put a finger in my mouth and I tasted the slime for the first time, it tasted like cherries.
"Cherries are my favorite you know," she said with her finger still in my mouth and a smile on her face. I nodded and she pulled her finger out and reached down to my flaccid penis. She rubbed that gel all over my penis and balls even stopping to reapply and immediately I felt a warming sensation. She blew on my balls while holding up my cock and the warming increased.
"You'll get used to it, then you'll like it or at least I do."
"Someday I'll have to figure out how she knows what I'm thinking," I thought to myself.
She applied more to her index fingers and thumbs and rubbed her nipples. She closed her eyes and rubbed, twisted, and pinched her nipples but she never stopped her dancing. After a few moments she stopped rubbing her nipples and reached down to mine. She rubbed what was left into my nipples. I never considered my nipples to be sensitive and the warming effect didn't do much to change my opinion but what happen next changed my mind. She lowered herself to her knees and leaned in and started sucking my nipple; her hips never stopped gyrating. It was a sensation I'd never experienced and it was enough to awaken my sleeping penis. She stopped suckling when my penis rose up and brushed the bottom of her breast.
"Welcome back from the land of the dead," she said to my penis. "Now that you're ready, it's time to get me ready."
She danced back to the camera bag and pulled out the dildo, the cherry lube, and her anal bulb. She really did think of everything. She danced as she turned and bent over. I had a perfect view of my favorites parts of her: her ass, my favorite, and her shaved pussy. She lubed up the bulb and the dildo and raised the dildo to her lips and sucked on it a little. She was making "mmmm" and slurping sounds. She stopped when she caught me reaching for my erection. She shook her head "No" and I returned my hand to my side. She reached between her legs and rubbed the purple dildo against her pussy, parting the lips as she gyrated against it. She pushed it into her pussy and a gasp parted her lips. I suddenly realize that it's covered in the warming gel and this must be something exquisite for her. She worked it in and out and while I couldn't see her other hand I was sure it was hard at work on her sensitive nipples. After a few moments her other hand reappeared, she picked up the bottle of cherry lube and reached back to her asshole. She expertly applied to lube and reached down and picked up the bulb. My hands were grasping helplessly at air as she slowly inserted the bulb into her ass.
She saw me squirming and as she got it all the way inside. The purple dildo hadn't slowed at all during the bulb insertion but it stopped and she looked over her shoulder and asked, "You want to take the dildo's place?"
"Yeah, but better yet how about you leave it in AND I fuck you. You like it when your tight little pussy is full don’t you?" I asked.
"I don't know..." she said with little smile and withdrew and reinserted the dildo. "Are you sure?"
I wasted no time. I walked over to her and began fucking her pussy with a force I'd always been afraid to use. I know she likes it hard but I don’t like to hurt her. Instinct had taken over and I fucked her hard. When we first started having sex she was quiet but she'd grown louder with her moans, almost to the point of screaming and she was screaming now. I was about to slow down when I felt the first signs of her orgasm. The cherry lube must have a numbing effect on my penis because I already had lasted longer than I thought I could. So I increased my pace and she orgasmed, screaming the whole time. She dropped to her hands and knees and I went with her. She had stopped screaming and was just breathing heavy.
She gasped when I started to pull out the bulb to make way for my penis. "Not yet," she sighed but I was too damn frisky to stop.
"I promised you a good long fucking and I intend to give it to you!"
She always liked it when I was forceful in bed so she arched her back to get in a good position for a good hard ass fucking and I let her have it. I fucked her hard and fast and soon she was screaming again but louder. It still surprises me that she could orgasm from anal sex but my surprise couldn't stop her from doing it, and she did. Finally I couldn’t take any more and I shot my load into her tight little asshole. I waited for my cock to go soft but it didn't. The cherry lube did a lot of things apparently. I pulled out which drew a sigh from Nicole. We cuddled for a few minutes before cleaning up and slowly walked back to the car. We got in and drove home. When we got there we were both too tired for more sex so we just showered together. After that we moved to the bedroom, still naked, and I massaged her feet before we fell into a deep sleep.
"Damn, I'm one lucky man," was the final conscious thought I had before sleep over took me.

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