How do you do it?  

rm_Jstme6170 46F
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9/6/2006 10:11 pm

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9/8/2006 10:38 pm

How do you do it?

No, "it" is not referring to sex! (That's one I had mastered years ago! LOL )

I'm talking about keeping up with the blogs on this site! I have met several very wonderful people in the blogs, all of whom I am beginning to view as "friends." I have been trying to read all of their blogs, write comments, respond to comments, write my own occasional blog, and find the time to read the blogs of other "new friends." All of this while tackling a demanding career. Not to say that it is not worth it; believe me, it is. I value the friendships I have made here.

I am just truly amazed at the ability some of these friends have to do all of this and make it seem so effortless. My question to those of you who are pros at this is, "How???" Short of letting it consume all of your free time or getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night I can't figure it out! Any guidance?

P.S. No wonder we are all addicted to this site! There aren't enough hours in the day to be addicted to anything else!

Eddie5011 42M

9/7/2006 6:05 am

I know how you feel. All of the above coupled also with writers block. Sometimes you have no inspriation and I find myself writing about things from long ago (not that that is bad), and usually only pick the most dramatic to include.


9/7/2006 7:15 am

Many of those most popular bloggers at the tops of those lists spend as much time and energy on blogging as you would on any average type of job or career. And to some it's really their lifes obsession and it totally rules their world and dictates their moods and emotions.

Just like any sort of popularity it does not always stay the same and I've heard of some the top and obsessed bloggers getting quite depressed when their popularity takes a major dip after having been riding quite high for ahwile.

Personally I would go insane if it were that important to me. And not to also imply that I'm not already sort of nuts.

The level of traffic I get right now is just about right for me as it's quite easy to reply to the comments that come in in a timely fashion. I would not want much more than this or it would become a headache and I I want this to fun and to not feel anything like work.

Some of those top bloggers get up to 6 or 7 pages of comments for one post alone. That's 25 comments per page. That's a lot more than I would want to have to deal with.


rm_ironhead1956 60M
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9/7/2006 9:24 am

Hey, I'm retired, that's how I do it. Best of luck to you.

rm_sturgeon1964 52M
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9/7/2006 1:24 pm

lol your funny but some are retired or don't work i am on the net all day for my work ( run a hedgefund ) when madam market is quiet and its like watching paint dry i read several blogs aday its interesting to me the way some of us present ourselfs to the outside world and even more interesting to meet them in person. I think it also shows the kind of person your trying to hook up with or date gives much more insight into their thoughts and minds ..... Richie Rich some days it pays to be Short the market laughing all the way to the bank a resent woman cyco thou nice bod

cougarprey4play 40M

9/8/2006 8:36 pm

Short of letting it consume all of your free time or getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night I can't figure it out!
Both of those apply to me right now not good but I'm working on it (yeah right)

Actually I plan on using the net less, hopefully, after this weekend...need to for my own sake. Granted I live in a rural area, so what is one to do but blog, talk with friends, etc. especially since I'm single at the moment (not that limits me from going out but nice to stay in with the right person)!

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