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11/15/2005 6:33 pm

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New to the game

I've had some experience with guys but I would like more.
Here's my past:

The first was in his mid-30s, been gay his whole life. We met and did just about everything play/oralwise, and he was pretty big. He then wanted to do me, and this being my first time, I wanted to do everything, let him. I didn't like it at all. In fact, once I started getting fucked, I lost my hard on and lost interested. He was close to coming so I let him (a condom was used, of course) and took a little break. We started fooling around again and my hardon wouldn't come back. So I left. Being with an older guy really kind of bothered me, I don't know why, but that's why I don't want someone too much older than me.
Time # 2. I talked to someone on another website, and we went somewhere in the woods. We sucked each other off. He was about my size. I asked him if he wanted to keep going, and he said he was good for now, he'd call me so we can try some more. He wasn't ready for anal yet. He never called me back.
Guy number 3 was someone I met on another AOL chatroom. He drove to my house and we went to my basement. He was pretty big, just like the first guy. Oral was fun for both of us. When he was giving me head, he started playing fingering me. Immediately, like when I got penetrated the first time, my hardon went away and wouldn't come back. Honestly, I didn't like getting my ass played with. It didn't feel good at all. So he left cuz my hardon went away, guess he took offense to it or something. Oh well.
So here I am. By now, it's safe to say that all I'm really looking for is oral get togethers with local members. It's probably safe to say that I don't want to get fucked, and at least, I don't want any anal play in any form with me. I really do lose interest...don't ask why. So if anyone out there wants to maybe get together for oral get togethers, that's fine with me. I use this screenname on an instant messaging program, guess which, you can email me here or IM me there. Just understand that I only want oral. I don't even want to finger a guy because honestly, something about the fact that we're playing with the poop-pipe just turns me off. So, if you like sucking and getting sucked, let me know.

Just follow these guidelines:
Nobody, I repeat, nobody 30 or over. 28's pushing it. No big dicks, I'm not aroused by them and they're kind of a pain to work with. No fucking me. Don't like it. And I'll swallow if you do.

But I would honestly like to penetrate a guy, never done anal, and if he doesn't mind not penetrating me, we can still have fun. Everyone gets a blowjob, I just want to try anal. And if I don't like it, oral will still be acceptable.

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