The Sunshine State??  

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7/12/2006 4:05 am
The Sunshine State??

Wow what a day yesterday...

It started out like any other day, calm, bright, sun was shining, and it was looking to be a glorious day. I go into work at about 2 in the afternoon (yeah, I know, must be nice), and as it happens the dealership was very slow..

about 3:30 I see clouds coming, and I check the radar. OMG, a huge cell of rain was headed my way and it looked like the heavens were going to open up. Sure enough, at around 4 the sky got dark, the words "holy shit" came out of my mouth, and then for the next hour and a half the worst rainstorm I had seen in a long time was going on.

It poured, and man it seemed like it wouldnot stop. Now rain is a business killer in the car industry. Who wants to come to a car dealership and look at a car in the middle of a rainstorm, especially with all of the rain and lightning that was going on?

About 5:30 or so a lady walks into the dealership, she is driving a 93 Camry, she says she was referred to us by a friend of the GM. She is driving an old 93 Camry, and since today was her birthday, she decided it was time to reat herself to a new car. Well she bought, and I got the sale, one of the few we had all day yesterday.

So much for mother nature.

Going to look at an apartment or two today. There is a complex close to here that I want to check out. could be just the thing I am looking for. They will take my cats, and it is even coser to work than I am now.

Hope you all have a good day..


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