I'm Back...  

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4/16/2006 7:01 pm
I'm Back...

For those that noticed, I have been missing in action for the last few days. Well that is because I lost my cable a few days ago, but today I partially moved into my new home, and due to a wireless connection created by Jen's hubby, I am now back online and plan on staying here for a long time to come. Things went well with moving in, I loaded my car up today at around noon and arrived shortly thereafter at the new place. The first thing I packed was my computer(of course) then came my clothes, my alarm clock, my cd radio for next to the bed, my work items I take on a daily basis for study and for researh, my coffe pot (most important) and finally, all of my personal toiletries. I already feel like a part of the family, since I helped cook dinner, corrall the children and had them do some cleaning, while at the same time kept them out of Jen's hair so that she could relax for a change. She has found a release from her medical issues by absorbing herself in photography. She is quite good, though she will not admit it, but she is only going to get better, once she becomes more comfortable. One of her fist taskes is to get a few GOOD shots of me in order to place a MUCH better photo on this friendly site. I spoke with one of my friends from here today and she told me that she had gotten a lot of comments to the negative as to how my current picture looks. I know it isnt flattering, but it is the best I have at the moment. I hope to have a few better ones soon.

My son is happy I am here, I am happy I am here, and I think we will all get along just fine. I have only now found time to relax and come here to blog and put my feelings down for the first time today, and I am at ease. I have been stressed out the last few weeks as most of you know, and I truly believe once I am moved in completely, I will be much better. I have begun to feel myself diving into a depression that would take miracles to get out of, but moving where I am is a good first start to a better me. being a full time father to my son has always been what I wanted, and the fact he is in the next room makes me joyous!!

My time online will decrease due to the responsibilities, but I will make an effort to be here at least once a day. as I stated, this site has become so much more to me than a singles site, it has become theraputic. I can not imagine being able to not comhere and place my toughts here for al to see. I have been going crazy the last few days without my internet, and I am now glad that I am back.

I will gto work on that story I was daydreaming about soon, thus moving forward in my plan to show a different side of me, I am still excited at that prospect. I have neve tried telling stories, only poetry. Hopefully the stories are better.....lol


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