Jokes Jokes, and More JOKES!  

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Jokes Jokes, and More JOKES!

One day, a masked man with a gun walked into a sperm bank and
pointed the pistol at the lady behind the counter.

"Open the safe!!" said the masked man

"You do realise that this is a 'sperm bank' not a real bank dont you sir?"
said the lady

"Shut up and do what i say or ill shoot you!" said the masked man.

So the lady behind the counter opens the safe with all the sperm samples

"now take one of those samples out of the safe!" said the masked man.

The lady does this.

"Now drink it!"

the lady hesitates, but sees the man pointing the gun right at her head.
"DO IT!!!" Says the mask man.

So the lady behind the counter puts the sample in her mouth and
swallows the sperm.

The masked man then takes off his mask, to reveal that its the ladies
husband. "Now that wasnt so hard was it?" says the husband


A man is waiting in an emergancy room when the Docter comes out with a sad look on his face.

"Sir, I'm not sure what to say but. Your wife eather has AIDS or Alsimers." The Docter says very grimly. "I've done many test and i just can't tell which one."

"Well, What should I do?" The husband says franticly.

The Docter replys "The best advice i can give you is drive her out to the middle of the woods. If she comes home. Don't FCK her."

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