If you could do it all over agian.  

BattyLagerRemix 35M
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7/10/2005 11:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

If you could do it all over agian.

If you where given a chose. You had the chance to go back and had the choice of who you wanted to have sex with for the first time which would you pick. A person you loved or a person you know you give you the wildest sex you've ever had. To make this more intresting lets say you've haven't had sex ever for a very very long time. Let's say around 23 - 25. Now your a postion to have sex with a very sweet beutiful women that you could have a very good relastionship with or have one night stand with a ultra hot ultra experinced women but only see her once in your life. What would you do?

rm_AliBabe2005 32F
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8/11/2005 9:39 pm

OK so I'm not talking about a woman here, but there was this guy named Brian who thought I was hot...which...doesn't happen very often, and he got my number and we hung out a few times...but this one night he asked me "What are you looking for, friends? friends with benefits? or something more?" Of course I wanted him but I was too shy (read: fucking gorgeous) so I said "I don't know"...we hung out a few more times, kissed a bit, and then he moved...I really wish I had fucked him while I had the chance *sigh*


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