AFF profile pics. Is nude or not nude better?  

rm_JoeCool510 44M
7/24/2006 10:23 pm
AFF profile pics. Is nude or not nude better?

I haven't really understood this site yet, even though I have already made a few friends on-line here recently. I have been browsing the magazine section and had a few debates already. One specific debate came up and I spoke on nudity in profile pics.

So now, I decided to make a poll. Basically, this poll is to vote and discuss if nude pics in profiles are turn-ons or turn-offs. Comments are welcome.

Me personally, it's kinda a turn-off for me. Seriously, seeing nude men,especially their penis, is like talking to a penis and not the person. I still can't see how people can degrade themselves.
Nude pictures are a turnoff for me. I'd rather see the person dressed and his/her face first.
Nude is fine. This is an adult swingers site. The yhave every rite to post themselves nude.
I don't care, as long as I make friends and it/they doesn't bother me.

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