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1/3/2006 3:36 pm

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I moved to Delco a few months ago and struck up a relationship with a 24 year old schoolteacher
living here in town. After about a week of IMing, we met on an elementary school baseball diamond in the middle of the night. She was smart, witty, gorgeous and sweet.

After a few dates and some serious foreplay she told me she was a virgin and intended to stay that way until her wedding night. She's given me blowjobs, handjobs, massages and even stripped for me. Well okay, not all the way. She still keeps her panties on.

We have a good thing going on, a casual thing. I found out recently that she's dating someone else and it's a pretty serious relationship. She'd been bringing me by her apt on nights he was working late. I wasn't really that upset.
In high school, I would've freaked out. But these days, I roll with the punches after a six year relationship recently ended for me.

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