Yet another friend meets Jocelyn  

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9/6/2005 7:30 pm

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Yet another friend meets Jocelyn

Whew, what a long week; I thought Saturday would never get here. I've been looking forward to going out all week. I'm starting to really look forward to my nights out and Robin - a gorgeous, sweet TS lady we've met at the club - is performing in the show tonight. We had a lot to do today and spent the afternoon shopping, which I always find stressful between the kids, crowds, and traffic. Today wasn't too bad though and I got a new pair of earrings and a new belly ring. Unfortunately I can't get the damn belly ring to go in. It doesn't hurt and the gauge appears to only be slightly larger than the starter ring I had. After twisting and trying every angle, I give up - there's no way that sucker will go through. Now my belly button is sore and I'm just slightly less annoyed than when I caught myself in my zipper last week. Oh well, I've got a new dress, new shoes, and sweet Robin is performing.

I braided my long wig and got it up off my shoulders - a new look - and I love it. Why didn't I do this before? My wife and I get ready and she looks absolutely gorgeous. On the way into the club there are two girls walking in front of us and a couple of very straight, very cocky-looking college guys hanging out near the entrance. The girls are totally wasted and helping each other walk. But there's more - they are all over each other, much to the amusement of the guys hanging near the entrance. We all arrive near the door at roughly the same time and I overheard one of the guys exclaim, "Stupid dykes...". The other guy noticed us off to the side and said, "Sorry mam, we weren't talking about you. We're talking about those drunk bitches." I replied - in my best male baritone - "That's OK, hon." I said it in stride so I didn't see his reaction, but I bet it was priceless! LOL

On the way in my wife ran into someone she used to work with years ago and she said a bunch of girls were going to be there for a birthday celebration. Problem number one, this girl is a stripper where my wife used to wait tables. Here we go, somewhere in that bunch is going to be someone who knows me - and they're all gorgeous strippers. Oh well, I'm not missing the show so we got our drinks, found a table, and settled in to see who would get to meet Jocelyn for the first time. We didn't have to wait for more than a few seconds because the table next to us contained the birthday girl. It's been nearly 7 years since she worked there and I never knew most of these people well, but in unison everyone at the table squealed and came running over to hug my wife. She introduced them all to her "girlfriend" Jocelyn and I exchanged a few pleasantries with everyone. One of the girls told us their boss was on his way. Now, the boss I do know very well. They are clients of ours and he was just in our office the day before. He's a great guy, but also one of the most naturally masculine men I have ever met. This was going to be interesting. I didn't have time to worry about it though because he walked in with his new girlfriend not a minute later. They headed straight to the bar to buy a round for everyone. When they came over to the table, he was carrying several drinks and talking to his girlfriend so he walked right past and didn't even notice us. My wife waited until he was settled and then brought him over to the table. He was so incredibly polite when introduced to me and started into a brief story about my wife. Finally, I couldn't take it and just started laughing. Then the look of recognition came over him and he started laughing as well. Then he gave me one of his recruiting cards and asked if I could start next week. We had a few laughs, took a couple of pictures and he returned to his table. Of course, he told everyone and they all came over en mass to fawn over me. Can't say that it was an unpleasant experience. Given the fact that I had talked with each of them and they didn't realize it was me, it was quite an ego boost as well.

We had a ball the rest of the evening. Robin's two sets were awesome, we danced alot, and ran into a few other friends. I also completed yet another milestone when I went to the ladies room instead of the guy's. That may not sound like that big of a deal, but the tgirls will understand. I had never inquired about the policy at the club, but all the tgirls go to the women's room and I felt grossly out of place in the men's room, particularly on nights I wore a dress. I don't think it would have mattered if I wasn't in a dress anyway, as most of the GGs in the bathroom were stone cold drunk; they wouldn't have noticed an elephant.

One other "new" thing I just now realized is that this was the first time I ever talked extensively with anyone who didn't know I was a guy and not had my voice give me away. The voice is something I've been worrying about lately. I talk on the phone extensively at work and I'm called mamm 5 or 6 times a week. When I listen to my voice on tape, however, I just don't hear it as feminine. When I try to sound femme, it comes out sounding cartoonish, so I just have always used my normal male voice. Lately I've been trying to analyze what makes my "phone voice" sound different than my normal speaking voice. A friend of mine said, that I speak noticeably slower and softer on the phone with clients. So, I've been consciously trying to use that voice. Maybe it's working. Hmmm, I'll have to keep this little experiment going.

Unfortunately, we are quite busy at work now, so it looks like I'm going to have to miss next Saturday. In the meantime, I'll busy myself with chatting with some nice folks I've met online and maybe finally get around to redoing my awful template-based website.

Cheers for now!

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