The Big Night Out  

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The Big Night Out

It seems that every time we have plans to go out, something comes up at the last minute that delays us; this week was no exception. Our two younger children wanted to go to the movies with their friends. It was a last minute thing and I didn't want them to miss out on going, so I said that we'd work it into the schedule.

Problem #1 was dealing with Friday afternoon Morgantown traffic - on a Mountaineer football game weekend no less. So the normally 15-minute round trip took 40 minutes...tick, tick, tick. Problem #2 was I still had to shave from head to toe and forgot to pick-up new blades - OUCH! Problem #3 was the running time of the movie was only 75 minutes, so I had even less time to get ready than I thought. Problem #4 was I had bought a new type of makeup and decided I wanted to experiment.

We managed to squeeze everything in and ended up only being about 45 minutes later than we originally planned, plenty of time to get a good table by the stage. Besides, as one of our gay friends remarked: "Only straight people show up early. They gay bus doesn't get to the club until 11:00". A pretty prophetic statement as the about 30 people walked in at 11:05.

Earlier in the day, one of our clients came into our shop and asked Tonya if she had a twin sister. We knew right away that he was tactfully saying that he thought he had seen her at Vice Versa a few weeks before. We've done work for his organization for years and had always assumed he was gay, but the subject never came up. So when we saw him in the club a few weeks ago, we didn't approach him because we weren't sure if he was was ready to be out to us. I walked by his table several times on my way to the bar or bathroom, but never noticed any sign of recognition, and Tonya only saw him once early in the evening. Anyway, that conversation led to telling him about Jocelyn and him telling us about his alter-ego, Peg, who is gorgeous by the way. Dressing up is a once a year thing for him though...thank goodness, I don't need any more competition! LOL

Besides my son seeing Jocelyn for the first time, we were excited about possibly meeting some new folks for the first time that evening. I've been searching the 'Net for local girls to go to the club with and finally made contact with several interesting people last week. It was all very last minute, so I wasn't holding out a great deal of hope that they would actually make it, but I was excited nonetheless. Unfortunately, no one else made it out. For some it was due to scheduling conflicts, for others it was apprehensiveness. Oh well, all we can do is extend the invitation, the rest is up to them.

Our son, nieces, and their friends arrived around 11:00. After the obligatory "Oh my God, I can't believe it's you under there" we settled in and had a great time. I must say that all the comments did wonders for my ego - thanks guys! We took tons of pictures, danced, laughed A LOT, and did a few shots. Well, my wife and I did a few shots, the rest of them, I think, were trying to sample everything the bar had to offer. Oh to be that young again...nah!

Tonya and I started going back to Vice Versa this past January. As outsiders we've been regarded warily by the regulars. Not in a bad way, but with curiosity as to what our story is. As time has gone by, people have started to warm up to us and we have become acquainted enough with a dozen or so people to stop by their table for a few minutes or get on the dance floor with them. Friday night, one of our gay friends said that a number of people ask him about us every time we are there. Best of all, their number one question was were we two girls. Thank God for club lighting!

Although we told our son about Jocelyn, we did not discuss our orientation - he didn't ask. So, I wasn't quite sure how I would act around other guys in front of them. I'm not there to get picked up anyway, so I just decided to act as a I normally do...a little flirty, dance when asked, etc. Our son had told us he did not know how to dance and there was no way he was getting on the dance floor. Well, that only lasted until about the third shot. Next thing I know he's on the dance floor...danced with his cousins, danced with me...even danced with one of the guys I was dancing with! LOL

Over the years we have talked a few of our straight friends into going to Vice Versa with us. It's always so much fun to watch their faces the first hour or so; they're terrified - you'd think we were hitting the beaches at Normandy or something. Especially the guys; they just know some guy is going to grab their ass and they're going to have to fight their way out of the club. We even had one friend who wouldn't go to the bathroom by himself; always wanted me to go with him. This resulted in probably one of the most precious "Kodak" moments ever when I had to pee REALLY bad and their were two pair of feet in the one stall (I've never seen a 4-legged guy in there, so I'm not sure what the deal was). Anyway, there was a line for the urinals out the door and I couldn't wait, so it was hike up the dress and pee standing up time - good for quite a few laughs. I wasn't terribly amused at the time, but I suppose it was preferable to the distinctly unladylike pee down the leg into your pumps alternative.

Anyway, our son exhibited none of this behavior. He gave me a big hug, told me I looked really hot - ahhh - and was as comfortable as could be. Numerous people came over to our table throughout the evening and he chatted, did a shot, got a picture, or danced with all of them. Tonya and I are incredibly proud of him and feel very blessed to have such great children. His visit has been too short (he leaves Monday), but we've had a great time. He's on the list to go to Korea, so we may have to give him again soon - this time for a year - but when he gets back, he'll have his pick of assignments, so it's a good move for him.

Well, that's it for now...we had a fantastic evening and are looking forward to next weekend. The only midl disappointment was not getting a chance to meet some of the people we've met online. Hopefully they'll come around soon.

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i hate traffic up here. its always a bitch. love to meet and know my way around up here ... later gorgeous

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