Sweatin' on the Dance Floor  

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10/25/2005 9:06 am

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Sweatin' on the Dance Floor

Saturday dawned cold and rainy...grrrr. After lounging around a little while, Tonya and I decided to go shopping for some new tops. As much as I love to shop, this trip ended up being a chore. Rain poured the entire afternoon, we ended up stuck in traffic resulting from a minor accident, and we had to go to 6 different stores before settling on something that had caught our eye in the very first store we went in.

Probably the most frustrating part of the day was how difficult it is to find anything in our size without going to a speciality store - and paying specialty store prices. Every time we'd see something perfect...the only sizes were large or x-large. We almost chucked the whole idea of clothing and went for the more appealing option of buying shoes! Well, maybe next week will be shoe week.

That night, while getting dressed, our niece called to say she would meet us at the club - yeah! She didn't have a very good week, so she needed a night of fun. Plus, we always have a great time with her.

We arrived at the club early and got our usual table. This time we saw a lot of new faces, including a male/female couple with a male friend along. The hour or so before the bulk of the crowd arrives is always a lot of fun. We people watch and speculate about orientation, who's gonna pick up who, or who's gonna get drunk and fall down. We didn't have to speculate long on the last question, 'cause one of the regular drag queens arrived very, very much under the influence of something. After stumbling over a chair, nearly knocking over a table, and basically collapsing in front of the stage, a friend took her outside. About 20 minutes later, she was back on the dance floor, looking much better, thank goodness.

That bit of excitement over, I settled onto the dance floor for most of the rest of the evening. Tonya joined me for a few dances, but she spent most of her time with our niece, who wasn't in the mood to dance. It seemed that every time I would look over at the table, someone else had stopped by for a chat. I kept thinking to myself that I was missing a good time at the table, but I just didn't want to get off the dance floor.

About half way trough the night, I was sweating quite a bit, so I thought it would be best to take a break and make sure my face hadn't dripped all over the dance floor. To my surprise, my makeup looked nearly as good as when I walked in the door - just needed a bit of powder. My hair, on the other hand, was a different story. It was a bit disarrayed and somewhere along the line I lost a hair clip. A quick comb through and a couple of new hair clips later, I was back on the dance floor, having a ball.

All in all it was another great evening. We're still hoping some of the girls we've been talking to online will find the courage to come out. Until they do, however, we're having a great time and meeting lots of new, interesting people. Halloween's coming up and we've got our table reserved...should be an interesting evening for sure!


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