Sometimes Windows Sucks  

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11/29/2005 12:12 pm

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Sometimes Windows Sucks

Computers are one of my loves and certainly, when it comes to work, they are my life. I have 3 sitting on my desk and there are many times each day that I am using all three. My favorite is my Apple G5 tower running OS X; the one I do most of my work on is an Apple G4 running OS 9; the last one, unfortunately is a Dell box running XP Pro.

Oh, how I hate Windows. It's handsome enough, but it doesn't have the lyrical beauty of OS X. It's perfectly capable of getting the job done, albeit with a little more tinkering (no, make that A LOT more tinkering), but it's kinda clunky sometimes. The initial purchase price was certainly cheaper for the Dell and it's plenty fast, but oh, how the costs quickly add up. Between futzing with installing virus protection and 3 antispyware apps and constantly maintaining them, only to find that I've somehow managed to acquire some spyware that has turned off my antiviurs, I've wasted so much time (and money) that I could have bought a couple of new 30" Cinema displays by now.

The only reason I even have this beast on my desk in the first place is to handle some of the Windows only crap my clients bring me. So today a client brings a rush job - 8 Word files that need to be turned into a saddle stitched booklet before we close. Simple - just convert them to one PDF doc and let the rip take care of the pagination. Except for one thing - the last file won't embed the freaking font. Why oh why does MS provide fonts to their customers that don't have the license to embed? Client is unavailable to provide fonts and time is ticking away. During a futile attempt to get the damn thing to work, computer crashes and when it reboots, there's a nice message informing me some clown has infected me with malware that has turned off my Antivirus. Only solution? Uninstall and then reinstall software....for the 5th time this year! Arrggghh!

So I do what I should have done in the first the offending file using the Mac version of Word, write a Postscript file to disk and destill. Voila, 5 minutes, problem solved. When will I ever learn? Oh well, at least the Dell can play games.


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