Mountaineers Rock the Cardinals and We Meet Our Gay Twins  

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10/16/2005 8:00 am

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Mountaineers Rock the Cardinals and We Meet Our Gay Twins

Wow, it doesn't get any more exciting than this! I'm a big WVU football fan, but I get so irritated with them when they don't play up to their potential. By any measure, yesterday was the most important game for the Mountaineers this season. In their first year in the Big East, Louisville came into the league a preseason Top 10 team and the consensus pick to win the Big East Championship. The first half, the absolutely dominated us in every phase of the game, helped along by the kind of stupid, inattention to detail, kind of mistakes the Mountaineers seem to be famous for this year. Down 24-7 at half, the Mountaineers came back to win the game in double overtime. Great game. Great win. Big problem for us.

We live 2 blocks from the stadium and clearing 60,000 plus people from our town takes awhile; meaning we're going to have a hard time getting to Vice Versa early enough to get a table. As it turned out, we were an hour and a half late. Fortunately, so was everyone else and we got our normal table with no problem. Normally, Tonya dresses fairly casual, but last night she decided to wear a dress and she looked hot! About a half hour after we arrived, a guy plops down on a chair at a table and says, "Hello". At first I thought, "Great another drunk guy we're going to have to fight off", but it turned out to be Rick, one of the guys who works at the club. Last night was his night off and he was hanging out with his boyfriend. They sat with us the whole night and we had a great time with them. About 15 minutes after his boyfriend joined us at the table, I noticed an erie similarity between the 4 of us. Rick is very outgoing, while Doug, his boyfriend is very quiet. As the night wore on though, Doug started talking more and more and we really enjoyed his company as well. I told Tonya later I thought they were the gay couple version of us. Tonya is very outgoing and can start a conversation with anyone, anywhere; while I am very reserved until I get to know someone. After a little while, you can't shut me up.

Vice Versa was holding a singing contest last night and the contestants were phenomenal! One of the girls, Kelley, did an awesome rendition of "Bobby McGee". If you closed your eyes, you'd swear it was Janis Joplin. My late mother loved Janis Joplin, so hearing that song again brought back many pleasant memories of my mom...she left us way too early. The hostess for the evening was a drag queen (I can't remember her name) with a beautiful voice. She did a great version of Prince's "Purple Rain" - my favorite song, by my favorite artist.

The only odd thing of the evening was a couple hanging out near the bar when I was standing in line. The girl grabbed my butt while her male friend yelled "Work it baby". LOL An odd start to a conversation, but what the hell; I turned around to chat, but they were both quite drunk so I figured it wouldn't be a very interesting conversation. Hey boyfriend(?) only seemed capable of uttering "Work it girl" at that point, so I just smiled and went back to the table. I saw them several more times throughout the evening and each time was greeted by the same phrase, so I'm not really sure what their story is LOL. Maybe we'll meet again when they are a bit more sober.

So, another Saturday has come and gone, and Jocelyn must be put away for another week. I'm gonna miss her.


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