Jocelyn's Law  

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12/3/2005 8:34 am

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Jocelyn's Law

Jocelyn's First Law of the Internet states:

The amount of pleasure you derive from chatting with an individual is directly proportional to the probability that you will meet them in real life.

Jocelyn's Second Law of the Internet states:

The amount of irritation you feel from talking to an individual is directly proportional to the level of effort they put into having sex with you, rather than getting to know you in any meaningful way.

The first law has not been challenged for about 10 years now. Thankfully, with the advent of blogging and online social communities like Yahoo 360!, it is starting to show some cracks. The second law, I fear, is immutable. Oh well, I suppose we could not experience such joy from our "special" relationships, should they ever become common. Still, I can't help but think the world would be a bit more pleasant place to live if we could disprove the second law.


rm_carlsj329 69M

12/3/2005 2:31 pm


And here I thought these were always simply the rules of the road for the Internet. Lol

Too many individuals out there let their little head do the talking when they try to chat with us and usually it makes them look like complete fools.

One of Jackie’s laws states: If you don’t know me, you ain’t going to have me...

So come on people try some honest conversation for once, you never know where it might lead you.


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