Halloween Blahs  

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10/30/2005 1:09 pm

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Halloween Blahs

Hmm, somehow I thought the Halloween blog would be more exciting. We went with our nieces and some friends, saw some great costumes, danced, laughed, and did all the things we usually do. So why do I feel like the night was a bit of a letdown?

I was hoping to have some girlfriends join us and although we've been looking since January, we've only connected with one girl. Unfortunately she couldn't make it last night. That was definitely part of it, but there were also a few other minor irritations.

First up, I forgot to charge the camera battery, so it ran out half way through the evening. We were able to get pictures of some great costumes, but not many of Tonya or I.

Then, the club was packed to overflowing and for reasons unknown, some of the regular tables were taken out. That meant a lot of people standing around and trying to steal your table or chairs every time you turned your back. So, someone always had to remain behind while the rest of us danced.

The costume contest was rigged; more of a popularity contest than anything. Judges went around the dance floor and picked contestants. Only problem, they left out some very creative costumes and picked 5 or 6 people, out of the 20 contestants, who really weren't wearing costumes at all, but they were somebody's friend...very lame.

Finally, by 1:00 it was a sauna in the club; not just hot, but humid and smelly LOL By that time I had carved out a little piece of dance floor and wasn't about to leave it, 'cause if I did, I wouldn't be able to squeeze back on.

Oh well, at least I got to spend time with my wonderful wife and nieces. We did have a good time; I just think I prefer it when there aren't quite so many people there.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween themselves and got plenty of treats!


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