Contact Frustrations (WARNING Bitchy Content)  

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9/25/2005 7:57 am

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Contact Frustrations (WARNING Bitchy Content)

Personally I prefer to read positive stories over rants, but I'm gonna bitch a little bit today. Feel free to ignore...

A month or so ago, I signed up on, AdultFriendFinder, and It was kind of a lark; I'm just hoping to find some local tgirls to go to Vice Versa with us. My original plan was to see which one of the services produced the best contacts and then get a Gold Membership for that one. Now I'm not sure what to do. I've developed some good contacts on each one, so I hate to drop any of them and I definitely don't want to spend the money for premium membership at all three. Since I'm not into the BDSM scene, I almost didn't sign up for, but that - by far - has been the best source of contacts. Initially I surprised by that, but I think it just further proves my theory that the more "alternative" a person is, the better they are as a human being.

Contact through all three sites suffer some common problems though:

1) Winks from Gold and Silver Members: If you are a Gold of Silver member and want to talk to me, just send me an email. I assume those that send me a wink first are testing the waters. Don't worry, I'm a nice person and will always return any polite note I receive. Also, it is my policy to AMOST always return winks, even if I don't think we're compatible - I just think it's a matter of being polite. Lately though, I haven't returned winks from profiles that are obviously just looking for a quick roll.

2) Winks from Standard Members: I'm a standard member; you're a standard member, so we can't email each other. While I appreciate the wink and we can look for each other in chat or something, let's not get into sending each other 2 winks a day. I'm assuming they don't realize I can't contact them and I don't want to appear rude, but one wink is sufficient to get your point across.

3) Email from distant people: Like any self-respecting girl, I love getting compliments. So, if you live far away, but find me interesting, by all means tell me - it makes me smile! I also am interested in people and like to have pen pals. However, my schedule precludes me from traveling ANY distance as Jocelyn, so we're not likely to meet. Also, I'm not going to be receptive to the idea of you traveling hundreds of miles simply to meet me. To me that implies you expect to get lucky, but that's not going to happen, so save your money and time for someone closer to you.

4) Emails with nothing in them: Anyone who reads my blog knows I like to talk. What you may not know though is that I like to listen too. In the closet and want someone to share with? Drop me a line; I'm a good listener. But guys, I'm not a big fan of the strong silent type. I have pictures posted here and on my Website. I tell everyone a great deal about myself on my blog and I'll answer just about any question you have. My life is pretty much an open book so it's really annoying to get notes from guys with no picture, no information about why they are writing, and - in a lot of cases - no freaking name. WTF, are you a CIA operative or something? See, I'm here to make friends and - when I find the right one - give them the ride of their lives LOL. However, I can't be friends with a ghost.

5) Discrete relationships: I am a mature individual who understands the value of not flaunting your personal life in front of non-participating friends, family and colleagues. However, if by "discrete", you mean you'll only meet me after I sneak into your hotel room through a back entrance, only after carefully checking for tails - forget it. There are too many great guys and girls in the club to waste time skulking around like a prostitute.

6) Afraid to come out of the closet: No problem; I've been there. I'll be happy to be your pen pal and happy to listen and/or offer advice. I spent the bigger part of my adult life in the closet and know that even though it's dark and smelly in there, it's really hard to open that door and step out the first hundred times or so. The only thing I ask is that you don't tell me you are going to come out and meet us and then make up a lame excuse for why you didn't show. I've chickened out my fair share of times, but I find excuses to be just the tiniest bit insulting to my intelligence. It's much better to say, "I'm still a bit too nervous".

OK, end of rant! Whew, that's exhausting and now I feel kinda bitchy. I'm a nice girl...really! Take the time to treat me as something other than a toy and maybe we'll make each other's fantasies come true.

Yats2u 47M

9/25/2005 9:12 am

I've done all the positive things you've mentioned. For me, it has turned out to be a waste of time and effort. So while I feel your frustration, I'm not gonna care much because there's the other side of the coin as well and its just as frustrated. This site has truly changed my perspective on things.

swmlfttbm99699 72M
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10/20/2005 5:58 pm

Hi I loved your blog! I am an older man (61) 6' 243 (hope to lose about 35 lbs). I have just started crossdressing and just love it. So far I have only done it in my home and 2 times with a master. I really love the feel of women clothes on me! I really like wearing heels (3"), jewelery, etc. My girlfriend is slowly coming to grips with my cd. I haven't shaved yet or tried makeup but that is next. Sometimes I get upset because I can't wear what I want when we go out to supper. Wish we had a club like yours here (Fredericksburg VA). Its hard to find clothes when you are 6" tall. I would like to find a short black dress but when you are as tall as I am it would be really short LOL I got a garter belt the other day and it sure is hard to fasten the back straps. Any hints? Hope to hear from you. Have fun swmlfttbm99699

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