A Quiet Saturday Night  

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10/10/2005 8:17 am

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A Quiet Saturday Night

Saturday night arrived cold and rainy. The Mountaineers were playing out of town, and with the weather, I figured it would be a slow night at the club - it was. I didn't feel much like a dress or skirt, so I decided to wear jeans - a bit of a disappointment because jeans are so much like boring guy clothes, but the cold convinced me to go that route.

We arrived a little earlier than usual and the club was mostly empty. However, three women were sitting at our table - I say our table because we have sat there every week since January. It was really weird sitting somewhere else, but it did offer a new perspective. Besides, we had a great time watching the girls at "our" table dance. Truthfully, they weren't very good dancers, but they were having so much fun on the dance floor, it was a joy to watch them letting go and having fun.

Tonya and I had a good time, though the evening was fairly low-key. Most of the regular staff had the night off and almost all of the regulars were missing in action. That just meant there was a whole new group of people to meet. So, we did a lot of people watching and spent a lot of time on the dance floor.

Some guy used the PA system to propose to his boyfriend, who accepted to loud cheers. The group in front of us was in some kind of dispute with another group sitting down by the pool tables. They argued by sending messengers back and forth - quite funny and a novel way to air your differences. Then there was one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen, and he was a tremendous dancer. Did I mention that I find people who can dance tremendously sensual? We watched him on the dance floor for awhile, but then he went missing for awhile so Tonya found him over by the pool tables and told him we were enjoying watching him dance and would he please come back. He laughed and told her that was one of the nicest compliments he's ever received. God, I love my wife...wish I could be more outgoing like her.

Tonya also carries on an ongoing conversation with, Joe, the guy who clears tables. It's usually just a brief back and forth as he comes by. Saturday night, as we was leaving our table, a guy at the table in front of us yelled for someone behind us. Tonya thought he was calling for Joe and left to bring him back. As it turned out, the guy was talking to someone else, so Joe laughed and said, "Thanks for getting my hopes up." After Joe left, a guy at another table told Tonya he could bring Joe to his table anytime. So later that evening, this guy spilled a drink on his shirt and was looking for a towel. Tonya went off and told Joe the guy needed him to come over and blow dry his shirt and Joe was thrilled. Turns out, Joe had his eye on this guy for awhile....ahhh, Tonya the matchmaker.

I was in the mood to dance and Tonya was more in the mood to be mellow and chat. So I spent quite a bit of time dancing by myself or whoever happened to be handy on the dance floor, while she watched and chatted with everyone. Towards the end of the night, Joe stopped by the table to thank Tonya for introducing him to the at the next table and to tell her that her "girlfriend" was a good dancer. She told him her girlfriend was actually her husband. He didn't believe her so dragged me off the dance floor to prove it. Hmmm, that's the 3rd time that has happened in 3 weeks....quite an ego boost, which is never a bad thing.

All in all, it was a relatively quiet evening. A bit boring to read about, perhaps, but a lot of fun to live.

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