A Night to Remember  

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1/8/2006 10:05 am

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A Night to Remember

Last night was one of those nights that could have gone either way. Earlier in the week Tonya got the flu and was feeling pretty lousy by Saturday afternoon. It was disappointing because, not only do we always look forward to our Saturday night out, but this week we were meeting some people for the first time, seeing some old friends, and helping our niece celebrate her birthday.

DayQuill to the rescue! That and a shot of Firewater and Tonya was good to go LOL We arrived before everyone else, found a table and settled in to wait for our friends to arrive. We hadn't seen our friend Lori for a couple of months and were really looking forward to seeing her again. Saturday was her first date with a new friend and we were so excited for her and hoped they wouldn't have trouble finding the club. We had also arranged to meet Joe for the first time. Joe is one of the few men I enjoy chatting with online. I only met him about a week ago, but it was obvious from our first chat that we would hit it off.

Girls, you know how a lot of guys are; they want a lot of things from us, but they generally want them in the privacy of a hotel room, away from anyplace "normal" people might see them consorting with the likes of girls like us. Well, Joe is not like that at all. He showed up in a pink Polo Shirt....points for being willing to meet me in a gay club and huge bonus points for being comfortable enough to wear pink! He's a very handsome guy, confident without being arrogant, a gentlemen, and a good conversationalist. Everyone enjoyed spending time with him and I'm looking forward to seeing him at the club again.

Lori arrived with her date and I must say Jenna was was a real cutie; she's even tinier than me! I didn't get the chance to chat with her a great deal, but she was very sweet and we danced together, giving everyone back at the table a good show. She and Lori had plans to hit another club, so our time together ended too soon, but I'm looking forward to seeing her again next week.

A little later, two of our nieces showed up with their friends. One of them was celebrating her 22nd birthday and we all had a few shots in her honor. Truthfully, I drank a bit more than I usually do, but it was easy to work off on the dance floor, where I spent a good chunk of the evening.

It was one of the best evenings we've spent at Vice Versa and no one was really ready to call it an evening with closing time came. We talked about meeting some of the staff later to get something to eat, but Tonya was starting to feel bad, so we headed home and got to bed by 4:00 am. Oh Lord, am I gonna be sorry when I have to get up in 3 hours!

Next week there's a pageant for up-and-coming girls. We have a few favorite friends in the show so we'll be out in force to cheer them on.


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1/9/2006 5:05 pm


It sounds to me like your having way too much fun -lol- I would love to be able to show up at Vice Versa some evening and join you, but your so far away -lol-


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