A romp in the hay  

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5/7/2006 6:13 am

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A romp in the hay

After you decide I am not an ax murderer we meet somewhere public for coffee and small talk. You find that I am a regular middle aged guy. Not excessively overweight, salt and pepper hair, (most of it still remaining), warm and definitely interested in sex. A typical guy.

You may be bit nervous (we both are) but you still accompany me up to my room. We make small talk. What kind of work, where we are from, I offer you a drink etc.

I make my move and sit next to you on the bed. I lie you down and kiss you along your neck and ask if you want a massage. I help you remove your clothing and kiss and caress you from behind. We stand and embrace. You are naked now. I am in awe of your body. So soft, and supple. A woman's body. My hands roam, but only for a moment. You are aroused.....you are so warm and soft. I lie you down on your stomach and staddle you and begin to knead your shoulders and neck, I tease you a bit when as I move to down your back then down your legs to your feet. I flip you over and start working my way back up from your feet. Alternating massage, kissing, caressing and teasing. I make sure you have enjoyed the massage and are relaxed. I admire your body, your face, your smile. Then we kiss, deeply. The kiss ends slowly and I nibble, lick my way down your neck to your chest, across your breasts, back to your neck, your ears, down your sides to your hips, across to your belly then down.....

I lie between your legs and you respond by spreading your legs a bit, but I tease your inner thigh with licks and kisses, I briefly investigate your labia with my tongue and feel your response before moving to your other inner thigh ..... I enjoy the cat and mouse game, teasing and pleasing you, you respond by placing your hands on my head and directing me a bit.....perhaps we resume kissing and you roll on top of me. It gets real physical now. I want to please you, I want to feel a woman orgasm by my touch, my hand, my mouth.........

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