How it all got started  

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12/17/2005 9:59 am

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How it all got started

She was taking on one guy each weekday while I was working, two and as many as five times a day, Monday through Friday. Other days she would find additional guys to fuck because she just loved strange cock. She was hot as a pistol and loved the feel of a new cock being pushed into her cunt (rammed I should say as she liked it forced into her without lub).

So, I do wish I had been there to watch those first episodes as we had talked about finding guys to do her before we went there and I had told her that I could understand her need but then I could only handle it if she let me watch. I felt if I was involved if only watching, then it was just a form of the way we had sex. Yes our sex may have been kinkier then others but that is a relative statement. Other people may think nothing of it. Of course I always ended up having to get my cock into her as I couldn’t watch forever and not need to cum. And I don’t like wasting cum, and loved cum being injected into her cunt. So did she, all her guys were rode bare back.

But now I still long to find someone who would be honest about such sex and get into as she did. God was it fun when she did fuck others. The watching was great because of her enthusiasm and the smell and feel of her after was like no high you could imagine.

Funny, at those times when I watched her being fucked, she didn’t want me to eat her after they dropped a load even though I offered. But that is another story.

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