Rest & Relaxation Does A Body Good...  

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7/21/2006 10:52 pm

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Rest & Relaxation Does A Body Good...

The air was chilly so I threw a sweater around my shoulders ..A party on the patio was winding down as I edged around it..For some unknown reason I couldn't sleep ...Being on vacation should be relaxing, but I was uptight and couldn't figure out why..
I found myself underneath a bright night light on the pier ..One of my favorite songs could be heard coming from the patio..I gazed out across the shimmering moonlit water while hummming along with the steel band..A few minutes later I sensed a gent walking unsteadily down the pier towards me..I nodded my head in his direction as he walked by..I listened to his unsteady gait until he stopped..I tried to remain calm, kept hummming and decided to head back to the patio..As I turned he called out to me..I glance to see him walking towards me as if to shake my hand., He begged me to not be afraid, and then introduced himself..I immediately recognize his name as being big in the golf arena..I listened as he rambled on ..He appeared to be having a hard time dealing with some personal things in his life..A group from the party came calling out to him..He waved them back saying he would check on them later..No longer in a hurry to leave the pier I motioned to a nearby bench for him to sit down. His body crumbled as he sat putting his hands to his head, mumbling and swearing..I listened until he seemed to be more in control...
The conversation slowed to a comfortable silence, so finally I told him I needed to go..He apolgized for bending my ears about his personal problems..I told him we could talk later if he wanted to..He said thanks as I left him sitting there ..The next evening I made my way to the pier in hopes of finding him there ..I sat on the bench under the same light for what must have been an hour..I perked up when I heard footsteps coming down the pier..My vacation had been anything but interesting up until now..As he neared I noticed that he had a smile on his face..We sat and talked for what seemed like hours, then walked towards my living quarters..I looked into his face searching for things a woman looks for in a man she wants to be closer..I wanted to soothe him and hold him in my arms..I thanked him for walking me back and closed the door..
I am almost asleep when I hear a knock..Peeping out I see him walking away with his hands in his pocket, kicking at pepples in the walkway..I open the door wearing only my shorty gown ..He ask if I could use some company..I step aside and without saying a word he come to me...My pussy has been without attention for too long and I know from the growing bulge in his pants that he is horny as hell too..My tits rub against his chest as we embrace.. We make it inside , tonguing each other's mouths..His hands explore my body , grabbing my tits and kneading my soft brown ass..He lift my gown off then step out of his pants..I can hardly keep my hands off of him as he undress..I stare at his body and touch my breast when he release his cock from his shorts..l I kneel down on the floor and suck on his erection.. sweet his cock taste in my mouth..I slather wet kisses up and down his manhood..My juices begin to run down my thick thighs..He pull me to my feet and stick his tongue in my mouth, I feel my pussy throbbing as he move his mouth down to my bosom and suckle my nipples..
I felt so good being devoured by his mouth..My whole body became alive with horniness ..WE were enveloped in hot passion that made his cock rub urgently against my pussy mound.. I let him know I was as horny as he was by gyrating my pussy just as firmly against his cock..WE managed to move across the room then collaspe on the couch, me landing on top of him..I pushed a tit into his mouth as he fingered my pussy..I felt his fingers enter my wettness and find my clit..Ummmm..I am so turned on by his touch...Sweet sensations washed over my body as he fondled my sex..I slid my slippery pussy up and down on his fingers as he stroked it.. my aroused flesh was responding to him like a well oiled machine...He took his fingers and probed my pussy hole, sticking them up in my hot juicy tunnel..I squimed as he filled me with his fingers..He moved them in and out, in and out .in and outof my slippery pussy ..My breathing became labored as I moved my pussy up and down on his fingers..My nipples felt so good being sucked and tongued..A loud moan surfaced from within my thoat as the goodness overwhelm me..Aaahhhh..
My hands reach for his cock which is moist on the tip..He knows I am ready to be filled with more than his fingers.. so he ask me if I want to ride his mancandy..I utter a breathless yessssss,,,yessssss His cock is hard and resting on his thigh as He remove his fingers from my pussy and Pull my fat pussy lips open..I find his cock and guide the hardness into my horny hole..Shhhhhhssssss...Umph..The feeling of his cock forcing its way into my tight pussy sends ripples of pleasure through every nerver of my juicy tunnel..I shudder as I push my pussy down down down down farther on his cock..Inch by inch by inch until I am filled to the hilt with his dick...My dit is engored and senstive ..I arch my hips so that my clit rubs the root of his cock as it comes in contact with it..I fuck his cock slowly , savoring the goodness of its good...His hands feel hot on my ass, squeezing and patting, bouncing my pussy up and down on his hard cock..I am lost in the goodness of his cock..I gasp for air as vibrations of my orgasm flood my pussy and radiate to my clit..A volcanic eruption consumes my pussy and sends me into the outer limits of escasty..I ride his rigid hardon up and down, round and round, side to side, over and over and over until pumps it shoots its load of creamy cummm into my pulsating wettness..
I listened to the rhythm of his faint snore as I drifted into a peaceful slumber..A tranquil and serene calmness that had alluded me for most of my vacation..As the sun peeked through the window, I called and rescheduled my flight home, then climbed back into bed for some more of the best Rest and Relaxtion I had ever experienced..

redswallow777 48M
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7/22/2006 11:54 am

Mmmmm....seems we have a hole in one here if I may use a golf analogy. Thanks for the was just right this afternoon.

rm_Jezdatip 64F
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7/23/2006 1:58 am

Thanks Redswallow, I like that hole in one analogy..And if its pouring outside, We may have to bring the game inside..

rm_GrayBear818 69M
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7/25/2006 1:41 pm

Jez, you are so game.

I love the way the two of you savored every moment of the way getting there. I can just imagine round two, back at your place again. The two of you have just returned from drinks, as soon as the door is closed, you turn off all of the lights to increase the mystery. There's only feeling, fingertips, hands and darkness. He holds you close, mouths joined, tongues darrting back and forth. A knee slips between you legs, pushing your short skirt taught. To keep your balance, you grind your leg between his. You both want to twist, grip each other like vines around a tree, but the darkness and the rush of passion are making you unsteady. As you step back slightly his hand pulls out your blouse and forces its way upward over your stomach, under the soft lacy bra and squeezes your breast, not a grinding squeeze, but firm enough to drill home that his passion has urgency. You feel yourself racing to match his, knowing you can want it all tonight, he will satisfy you. He steps to the side just enough, with his other hand pulls your hip back against him. You lean your back against his chest, his lips push your hair aside and seek out your ear, sucking the fleshiness, tonguing the the edges, teasing the inner parts. His hand that was on you hip, has moved up, unbuttoning your blouse with a single fluid motion and unclipping the wispy bra where it meets on your chest. He now has both hands lifting, massaging your breasts. As your nipples grow harder he begins to pull these too. You arch your back as the first mini-ograsm ripples through your pussy. You are so wet, your panties drenched in the crotch pulled up tight against your slit. They are soaked and can hardly hold it back any longer. You have to feel his cock, you want it so bad. Your knees want to draw themselves apart, pushing your pussy out, but you have to feel his cock. You reach behind you with both hands. One holds his balls through the trousers, the other unhooks his belt and slides down underneath the waistband, through his curls to encircle his cock. He is so hard for you. The weight of his engorged cock, is more than you remembered from the night before, you lean back and gasp at the thought of having this cock pushed up inside your love tunnel, spreading you, filling you, bringing you to the edge of ecstacy. As you savor the anticipation, you stoke his dry cock, pulling the outer skin up taught, then forcing you hand down the shaft til it can go no further down the shaft. You work his cock up and down with a heavy grasp, milking him over and over again. He is engulfed in the attention you're giving him but continues to work your breats. When he twists your nipples you twist his cock, when he pulls the nipples long and hard, long past the point of tender caress, now edging to burning, you thrust down hard on his cock, meeting his roughness with your own. As he pulls harder, you squeeze his cock more, each of you overtaken by an animal craziness to feel every more intensity. The thought of the mounting pain overtaking the ecstacy urges you to feel the pleasure ever more deeply. His cock begins to moisten with pre-cum and at last he releases your nipples, lifting your breasts and relaxing for a moment. You soften your grip on his cock, pumping him with slow partial strokes...

just can't stop thinking about the two of you

VATraveler1948 68M

7/25/2006 2:54 pm

Rest and relaxation is what you make of it, sounds like you got your monies worth out of that vacation.

Very nice writing, I hope that you continue!

rm_Jezdatip 64F
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7/25/2006 11:15 pm

GrayBear, your sultry passage is nothing less than what I was expecting from you. Just goes to prove that a hot arousing caress can be both physical and mental. Your added touch of finesse left me in that special zone that I consider the next best thing to "Chocolate". I like being suspended in such a state of anticipation. Reading and writting about erotic keeps some of us vibrant and invigorated. Keep doing what you are doing, I am feeling you all the way.

rm_Jezdatip 64F
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7/25/2006 11:53 pm

Thanks Traveler, please be patient, there will be more erotica. Its been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I really like the way you wear your jeans. (smile)

rm_Jezdatip 64F
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3/15/2007 9:29 pm

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