Why did I say no?  

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12/7/2005 12:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why did I say no?

So this cute 18 year old young woman is throwing herself at me. So why did I say no?

I work in social services, and the woman in question was my client. I had just provided her with some much needed benifits, and she really wanted to thank me. Now we hit it off to begin with, and I am pretty sure I had a good shot even if we had met outside my job - but how often is a pretty 18 year old going to talk to a 37 year old with just a little grey showing up in his beard? Answer - not much of a chance in hell.

So why did I say no? I used to think that I had no scruples - take advantage of every oppertunity was my motto. So why did I say no?
Answer: I really do have some scruples. I figured out that my motto was based on dealing with stupid people, and to take advantage of every oppertunity that they provided you. But this was different - this was someone who was very gratful that they were getting the help that they needed - and were very vunerable - and I could not take advantage of that.

So I am not quite the scumbag my ex claims! And good for me. Bu I am not stupid either - as soon as I can I will transfer her case to annother office, and then see if she wants to go have coffee or something.


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