Friday night flirting  

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6/25/2005 6:14 am

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Friday night flirting

Well I never got to have telephone sex with A.

But I and the strife went to London for a surprise birthday party for the wife of a great friend. It was held in a really nice restaurant in Westminster. Full of journalists trying to get a 'scoop' from their pet MPs and MPs trying to impress their secretaries. I must say that some of the secretaries were very beautiful but most of the MPs were fat and old.

Ladies, why do beautiful ladies allow fat old men to seduce them??

I ended up sitting between two attractive ladies; one tall and blond and the other short and dark. The tall blond one chatted briefly to start with but then turned her back on me to concentrate on the man on her other side. So I chatted to the pretty dark lady about her divorce and the 'fucking bastard' who turned out to be her ex. Quite an amusing conversation and I teased her a bit about moving in with a younger man who is also a motor bike fanatic. She seemed to lap it up to the extent that she went on to say that after nearly 20 years of marriage she had discovered good sex at last. Good on her.

I started to notice that the blond on my left was getting restless. Despite the fact that she had her back to me her bum seemed to be touching my leg rather a lot. At first I thought that it was just because we were so tightly packed. But it kept happening so I dropped my hand down and surreptitiously slid it along the top of her leg.

'I'll get a slap for this I thought.' but no and so I did it again but much more deliberately with my thumb nail. No reaction but I did discover that she was wearing stockings and either no knickers or a thong.

After a few minutes she turned to me and started chatting away while she very deliberately rubbed her leg against mine and I continued to stroke the top of hers.

It was all very erotic but sadly came to a sudden end when her husband jumped up and said it was time to leave as they had a train to catch. What a shame!

Still she gave me a big kiss before she went. After she had gone I noticed that she had pushed a business card under my plate with a phone number on it.

Well well I thought. I wonder what she want's to speak to me about? I shall wait till her man is at work on Monday and find out.

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