not a half bad cyber session...names have been changed to protect the guilty  

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9/5/2006 11:26 pm

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not a half bad cyber session...names have been changed to protect the guilty

Her: are you naked?
Me: it may not have posted yet
Her: I am
Me: I am in my robe...nothing on underneath
Her: I am wearing my glasses, that’s all
Me: mmm
Me: now you begin to get me a little hot and a good way
Her: are you going to dream now?
Her: you can touch yourself - I like to play with my breasts
Me: I'm debating whether to stay online while running my hands metaphorically across your naked flesh
Her: I want it, but is not realistic,
Me: just picture me behind you, running my hands from your neck to your crotch
Her: liking it
Her: getting a bit hot
Me: then, open palm across your thighs.
Her: beasts, please
Me: first the top, then inside
Me: then back up your belly to your breasts
Her: I am licking your neck
Me: my hands get more forceful across your breasts and I begin to lick your left nipple
Her: and kissing your ear
Her: YES
Her: and the cat spot - on my back--- rub it, please
Me: I press your breast against your chest as I apply
a little more force with my tongue and mouth.
Her: more more more
Me: meanwhile I grab your free breast with my hand
Her: I will take care of another one
Me: almost to the point where I'll leave marks I
assault your breasts with my hands and mouth
Her: and I rub my back and ass against you
Her: I am getting really ..
Me: you feel me harden against your back and ass
Her: wow, it's big
Me: it pressed between us
Her: now I am kissing your nipples
Me: and I'm massaging your shoulders and back
Her: that's alone can make me cum'
Her: cum
Her: I am getting loud
Me: we're going to build up to that
Her: mmm
Me: I gently press your head further down my body
Her: I want to grab it with my hand
Her: wow, it's getting bigger
Her: and harder
Her: it's HOT
Me: and I begin to plead with you to put in your hands and mouth
Her: yes, I WANT IT
Her: skin or no skin?
Me: and it twitches when you run your hand across it
Me: I love skin. And I love sweat
Her: I am pretty sweaty now....
Her: and rubbing my breasts
Me: I'm pretty hot
Me: while you are down there, I reach down to fondle your breasts
Me: and I stiffen up.
Her: Thank you! Are you thick in there?
Me: wanting to plunge it in your throat but hold
myself back
Her: it going slowly deeper
Me: I sense you struggling to hold its girth
Her: and deeper
Her: wow
Her: that's the way it should be
Me: and you taste saltiness as you plunge down on it
Her: I am going back and then dipper
Her: running my lips around it
Her: and than going dipper again
Me: I move your lower half over to my mouth
Her: what? I am wet in there
Me: you're soaking
Her: pretty much
Her: dipper
Her: lick me in there
Me: as you are plunging on my cock, I begin by licking your inner thigh and outer lips
Her: like it shaved?
Me: I like it either shaved or not...I just like the smell and taste of your pussy.
Her: wow, you are getting even harder!
Me: and I drive my tongue deeply into your pussy
Her: please, more!11
Me: then I suck on your clit
Her: my clit now ready to explode
Me: I start lightly and read your body language for how much force to directly apply
Me: meanwhile, I'm finger fucking you with two fingers
Her: you can use your teeth, very very light in there
Her: and I can taste that you are getting very ready to burst
Me: l swirl my tongue around your clit. Maybe lightly
bite around your clit
Me: and then I toss you off before I explode in your mouth
Me: I put you up on your hands and knees
Me: I get behind
Her: I run my tongue around your head
Her: and than you do that
Me: running my hands all over your neck, back and ass, I raise you up
Her: and I am all open and wet
Me: you feel my hardness at your soaked opening
Me: and then slowly but with decision I drive deeply inside you
Her: wow
Her: I moving towards you
Me: bottoming out, pull back almost outside
Me: I feel you trying to impale yourself completely on
my cock
Her: I am begging to continue
Me: and drive it back in
Me: plunging deeply inside you, I moan like some
stricken animal
Her: more
Me: over and over again
Her: I love to hear that
Her: it makes me more wild
Me: my hips forcefully pummeling your ass
Her: you can even slap my ass
Her: a little
Me: over and over again, each driving motion feeling
like it's turning your soul inside out
Me: I hold you hard at the shoulder with one hand, and
smack your ass with the other
Me: I sense you quivering under my sexual assaults
Her: now it's my time to moan
Me: my cock getting hard as stone
Her: more?
Me: sweat dripping from our bodies
Her: harder?
Her: WOW!
Me: I'm holding my cum sense me begin to
loose control over the motion
Her: I am pawing you with my hands and trying hold you
Me: driving deeper and deeper
Her: harder!
Me: You begin to shake and shutter
Me: pound, pound, pound
Her: and I am completely soaked
Me: my hands begin to finger your clit as I'm driving
my cock into you
Me: I put two of my pussy soaked fingers in your mouth
Me: while still fiddling with the other hand
Her: salty
Me: and then I explode uncontrollably
Me: you feel my cream fill you up
Her: it's mixing with my juice
Her: I don't want you to stop movements
Me: the pace slows.
Me: I lay my wet chest on your wet back, and I'm still
pulsing inside you
Her: I don't want you to leave
Me: I stay right where I am. Still inside you. am
breathing like I just ran a mile.
Her: we are falling without movement, drained
Me: and as I try to catch my breath, I stroke your
Her: no strength to move a limb
Her: we start smiling
Her: looking into each other's eyes
Me: and laugh when I finally soften and fall out
Her: (blind eyes...0
Her: not bad, not bad
Me: you put your head on my shoulder, my arm around
you, I stroke you with my other hand
Her: you can do that?
Me: it is my opinion that 99% of good lovemaking
happens above the neck
Her: be gentle, please
Me: I'm always gentle
Her: totally
Her: good
Her: how uncharacteristic of me..... to talk about
such things.... But I like it
Her: time to go sleep
Me: it all depends on context
Me: sweet dreams
Her: I have to be there in the morning
Her: I wish we could talk more
Me: if we ever do meet, we will get in some kind of trouble.
Her: ahha
Me: and you have my number
Her: yes
Her: i am not calling now
Her: good night
Me: that's good 'cause we're tired and just had cyber
sex...I would think it would make you blush
Her: i am smiling... are you?
Her: he he he
Me: broadly

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9/6/2006 8:53 pm

And why posting such intimate thing? Is she on this site? Did you ask her permission?

Nice job otherwise!!!!!

rm_James20910 52M
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9/7/2006 2:53 am

    Quoting hlorka:
    And why posting such intimate thing? Is she on this site? Did you ask her permission?

    Nice job otherwise!!!!!
She is on the site. While I did not get specific permission there is no way anyone except the participants would know the players. And it was fun.

The most interesting thig about the event is that niether of us really do this kind of thing. I did, years ago when the net was new, but my lady friend has never done it before.

And thanks for the compliment.

sexymermaid6956 62F
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9/8/2006 11:59 am

very nice..i like the way you kept her privacy..your a gentle man for sure and i admire you for that.....thanks for sharing..


Seduce my mind and my body

rm_James20910 replies on 9/8/2006 12:34 pm:
For all I know the person being listed as her could have been an 18 wheeler truck driving man.

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